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Product Update - April 2017

This month's product update is fantastic if you're into the nitty-gritty of recurring payments. If you're not we promise the next one will be more your cup of tea.

Support for electronic fund transfer (EFT)

The big news this month is that Donorfy now lets you automate and manage the payments that occur with external payments services such as processing Direct Debits direct with BACS and using 3rd party recurring giving platforms such as CAF.

Donorfy's Recurring Payment Instructions (RPIs) were previously limited to processing payments via the integrations with Stripe for recurring card payments and GoCardless for Direct Debits. These are still great if you want online signups and seamless integration. But many organisations coming to Donorfy want to continue using their existing payments services, so this release provides features to enable you to do that too.

EFT has the following features:

  • New instructions can be entered or imported and lodged with the EFT provider
  • Multiple EFT collection types can be used simultaneously
  • Upgrades can applied
  • Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payments can be collected
  • Constituent communications can be sent by letter and email
  • Collect as often as you like - daily, weekly, monthly, annually.
  • Manage failed transactions
  • Post successful transactions
  • Integrated with Gift Aid

Essentially that comes down to this new functionality:

  1. Define new RPI Collection Methods for the services to be used
  2. Import new and upgraded RPIs from an external source
  3. Export RPIs for lodgement with the payments service (e.g. a new DD instruction to be lodged direct with BACS)
  4. Export the payment collection files for payments due to be collected
  5. Reconcile the payments received, using new Electronic File Transfer (EFT) batches

Check out the new Knowledge Base articles on the support site for the full guide. And if you're a Donorfy user and want to review how all this works, come along to our feature review on 7th April - click here for more info.