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Why charities are switching to Donorfy

Rated best fundraising software in Fundraising Magazine’s Charity CRM 2017 for the second year in a row, Donorfy is currently the fastest-growing CRM system for UK nonprofits. But what is driving charities to make the switch to Donorfy?

We’ve been asking the same question, and this is what we found....

1. Ease of use

Easy to understand. Clear user interface. Intuitive. Pretty. These are just some of the words used to describe Donorfy. Charity CRM no longer has to be endlessly configurable and complicated. That’s why we created Donorfy to work specifically for nonprofits from right from the word go. It’s inviting and easy to use, which is what you want when the idea of a CRM is that everyone in the organisation uses it.

Ease of use has other benefits - it keeps down the cost of onboarding new staff at your organisation by reducing or even eradicating training costs.

2. Low cost

Implementing Donorfy for your organisation costs a fraction of what you would expect to pay for other systems, Why? Donorfy is built to do what nonprofits need right “out of the box”. There’s nothing to install - it’s cloud-based. So all you need to set up an account, upload your data and get started.

Training costs are lower due to the intuitive nature of the software and the resources available on our help site.

Running costs are lower due to the fact that Donorfy is a cloud-native solution that uses the elastic capabilities of the cloud, so your costs are related to the number of constituents in your database. Meaning smaller organisations can now afford the same great CRM that larger ones use.

And finally you don’t need to buy or maintain expensive servers. Being a true cloud-based solution, Donorfy takes the IT out of CRM.

3. Time savings

Time is precious, and with Donorfy there are several quick wins that free up your time for other things. They include completely automated Gift Aid tax reclaims; access to Donorfy from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop; automated collection of Direct Debits; complete integration with your website; and automated import of donations made on JustGiving’s fundraising pages..

Explore all the time-saving features of Donorfy by taking a tour.

4. Integrations

Software in 2017 shouldn’t exist in isolation, it should also play nicely with all of your other tools like JustGiving, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Stripe and GoCardless.

The list of integrations is growing - keep an eye out for new integration announcements in our monthly product updates.

5. Feature packed

Donorfy provides features to support all kinds of fundraising activities including Individual Giving, Trusts and Foundations, Corporate, Legacies, Major Donors, Community fundraising. Best-practice is built-in to Donorfy - for example, the Major Donors feature helps you track your asks according to 7 steps of major donor fundraising.

6. Cloud-based & scaleable

Though we pride ourselves on being accessible even to the smallest charities with the smallest budget, our cloud-based design means Donorfy can easily scale up to handle very large volumes of donations, like the annual BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal.

The confines of traditional, non cloud-based CRM systems and fundraising software tools can present a roadblock for charities who achieve quick success and need to be able to quickly and successfully process large volumes of donations and manage all of the new donor data that comes with those campaigns.

You never know, you might be lucky enough to think of the next ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ - and when the time comes, you want to be ready!


“We find Donorfy easy to use and really cost effective.  It’s so much lighter touch than many of the more established fundraising CRM’s, which means we use it more!

Justine Webb, Head of Fundraising and Communications, techfortrade

“Donorfy have helped the St Martin-in- the-Fields Charity transform its fundraising from cottage industry to exemplary organisation. Their knowledge and experience has enabled us to not just migrate to a modern donor management system, but to a cost effective, integrated system that is right for the demands of the Christmas Appeal. There is no doubt that without Donorfy we would have taken far longer to achieve this”.

Tim Bissett, Director of the Christmas Appeal at St Martin-in-the-Fields

“As a charity just starting out in fundraising and with a really limited budget it was unexpected to find a tool as rich as Donorfy for such a reasonable price.”

Jane Griffin, Senior Fundraising Manager LGBT Youth Scotland

Thinking about switching to Donorfy?

Get in touch and book a one-to-one demo with us so we can talk you through it or take out a free 14-day trial to see first-hand how Donorfy can help.