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Product Update - July-August 2017

Wish you were still here? Coming back from your summer holiday can be a challenge! Over the summer the Donorfy dev team have been working hard to bring you some new features to make the return to work more bearable. Dive in and explore.


Security improvements

  • Notification by email if your user name logs in from a previously unknown location.
  • Stronger password policy.
  • Restrictions on the types of files that can be uploaded. Prevents the possibility of code injection.
  • Checks on malicious content in files uploaded.
  • Auto logout if more than 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • HTML markup is now removed when pasting text into Activity Notes. Prevents the possibility of code injection.

Auto Tagging has arrived - business rules-based tags

This is a game-changer! Donorfy can now apply tags automatically based on business rules, so you can segment your database easily. For example: create a Tag called Donor and set the business rules that it should auto-tag anyone that has made a donation in the last 2 years. And to remove the tag if they haven't given in that time (maybe apply another tag called Lapsed).



Got multiple constituents in one household? Only want to send them one item per household, and address it to all of them at once? This new feature does exactly that.


Donorfy Tasks now create notifications in Outlook, G-Suite and more

When you create a Task in Donorfy you can now tell it to create an email notification to the person to whom the task was assigned. From there they can save the task into their calendar - Outlook, G-Suite (Google) or what ever they're using. The links take them back into Donorfy.


Campaign Connections

Want to associate people with campaigns? Volunteers? Project Managers? The Connections feature now extends to Campaigns to let you do just that.

Right-click menu opens the thing you want!

A small but very useful productivity hack: now when you right-click with your mouse on the main navigation (menu) items, or on Settings to open it up in a new browser tab or window, it will open up on the thing you clicked on. Go on, try it out!


Import a payment file to match to payments in an EFT batch

If you have an EFT batch with a bunch of expected transactions (e.g. Standing Orders due this month), this feature lets you import a payment file from your bank and have it match against the expected transactions. Saves you the time of reading them off a paper statement and clicking "Paid" for each one.