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Product Update - November 2018

The days may be getting shorter but our software developers have been working day and night (well, day and dusk) to bring you some great new features, and killing a few of those pesky bugs. Read on. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to get an early look at the new Eventbrite integration on 28th November. Contact us to get onto the webinar.

Task Reminders

Now you will receive weekly emails reminding you of tasks that are due or overdue to be done. More info.

Automated thank-you emails from Widgets and Campaign Donation Pages

You can now configure your Campaign Donation pages and Widgets (Professional Plan only) to automatically send email thank yous to your donors following an online donation. More info.

TIP: You can also include a link for the self-service Preference Centre as a merge field in your email. More info.

Gift Aid Claim downloads now include Fund

The Gift Aid claim download now includes the Fund - so you can analyse your claim based on Funds too.

Copy address to the clipboard

Need to send a letter? Now you can copy the name and address into your computer’s clipboard with the click of a button (UK address format only), so that you can paste it into your document. All nicely formatted. More info.

FYI: this came from a suggestion on the Feature Requests board. See what’s on the board and add your vote.

Activities now have URLs and other fields

Activities on constituent Timelines now come with some handy extras: a link to URL (eg an event registration) and some reference fields that can be used to hold 3rd party IDs. These fields are used by the Eventbrite integration but can be used on any Activity type.

RPI Collection method can now be changed

Previously for long and boring reasons, the RPI Collection method could not be changed. But that meant a new RPI would have to be set up if some changed the way they pay, which would then look like a newly acquired regular giver, and a lapsed one. So now you can change them.

Bug fixes

And we fixed the inevitable bugs. Spot your favourite here:

  • GADs with a neutral Confirmation status were being excluded from claims. Not any more.

  • Activity grid view in the Timeline was not sorting by Entered By correctly. It is now sorted (correctly).

  • Problem fixed which occurred when changing the date range in GA claims.

  • Bug with Batch Number disappearing when going into Manage menu has been squished

  • Campaign Tags not being saved correctly. Now resolved.

  • Activity Timeline display problem showing Extra Fields has now been sorted.

  • Some performance issues have been resolved.

  • Lists were getting confused if filtering on tags and multiple tags of the same name exist.