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Donorfy in Denmark

The award-winning donor database Donorfy has now launched in Denmark!

Donorfy’s cloud-based fundraising software for nonprofits is already used by more than 300 organisations in the UK, but now Donorfy has partnered with leading Danish fundraising consultancy Fundraisingbureauet to bring its CRM to charities across Denmark.

"It is positive that new players are entering the donor database market. We know from previous studies that many Danish nonprofits have difficulties finding a donor database that combine reasonable pricing with the features they need. With only a few existing suppliers on the market, many organisations have chosen to develop their own donor database system."
- Kim Skytte Graae from Fundraisingbureauet

How Donorfy is already helping Børns Vilkår


In 2017 Lisbet Christoffersen, head of fundraising at Børns Vilkår - a leading children’s welfare charity based in Copenhagen - invited Donorfy to consider how the solution could be implemented in Denmark and introduced them to local fundraising agency Fundraisingbureauet. What followed was a project to implement Donorfy - localised for the Danish market, and that has sparked interest from Danish organisations being interested in adopting Donorfy as their CRM.

"Donorfy has proven to be a flexible, user-friendly and time-saving system that we are very happy with," says Frej Scherfig, CRM Manager at Børns Vilkår.

"The reason we chose Donorfy is because the system is aimed at our industry. The people behind it really understand the difference between being a company and an NGO, and their passion for making a special database for the nonprofit sector is clearly noticeable. "

"Donorfy is a CRM system that stores information about members, their payments and any errors in a single shared database. The programme can be used by both small and large organisations and is a great tool at an affordable price."

Robin presenting to Danish fundraisers.JPG

Donorfy CEO Robin Fisk says: “Working with charities in different countries is always interesting because it helps us understand different forms of fundraising. That means we’ll keep adding features from which Donorfy users everywhere can benefit. And having a strong partner network with great partners like Fundraisingbureauet enables us to do that.”

Why is Donorfy interesting for Danish NGOs?

  1. Donorfy is a CRM solution built for the needs and workflows of nonprofits

  2. It’s cloud-based and integrates easily with other cloud services like MailChimp

  3. It is fully integrated with Fundraisingbureauet’s payments solution OnlineFundraising which means it supports Danish payment methods include Betalingsservice and MobilePay
  4. It’s scalable and can be adapted to the needs of both small and large nonprofits
  5. It meets the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  6. Pricing is based on the number of constituents in your database. See pricing plans at

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