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Donorfy tops CRM software and supplier ranking for third year

Donorfy has been rated ‘top CRM software’ and ‘top CRM supplier’ in this year’s Charity CRM Software survey.

The results of Charity Finance and Fundraising Magazine’s 2018 CRM Software Survey have just been released and we’re delighted to say that Donorfy has come out on top for the third year in a row!

Not only did we come out at the top of tables for top rated software, Donorfy also topped the charts for top rated CRM supplier.


The survey examined themes including software integration, length of ownership, functionality, data management and regulatory compliance.

This year, a question also addressed was how GDPR may affect charity CRM programmes. Donorfy’s GDPR compliance features helped make sure all the charities who responded on our behalf were confident in their compliance.

Robin Fisk, Founder of Donorfy, said: “As a supplier we are, in the eyes of data protection law, a data processor. Charities need to know that their data processing suppliers are themselves compliant with GDPR. We have taken steps to ensure that our service is GDPR compliant and this forms part of our contractual commitment with clients.”

A lot people responded to the survey on Donorfy's behalf, so if you were one of them we're grateful for your support!

We love the Donorfy community we’re building and appreciate your feedback to continue making it even better for you who use Donorfy every day.

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