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Product Update - June 2019

New features

Connections List - full details of both constituents

Connection Lists are powerful. Now you get a full set of information for both sides of the connection, for filtering and display. What does this mean? You can run Lists like:

  • show me all contacts at companies that have given us more than £1,000 this year

  • who are the connections of everyone on our Trustee board?

  • show me all companies where contacts are personal supporters in their own right

And so on.

New List Type - Fundraising Pages

Now you can produce a list of the fundraising pages created by your constituents (via the JustGiving integration - more to follow!).

Batch Templates - Accounting Date (formerly known as Tax Point) added

Ever wished you could include the Accounting Date in batches? Well now you can. And we’ve renamed it from “Tax Point”. No one remembers why it was called Tax Point.

API - new endpoint for retrieving constituent by phone number

One for the techies, but you can now find a constituent with just, say a mobile phone number. For reasons that will become clear shortly.

Mailchimp - adopt use of new Mailchimp terminology

Mailchimp, in their wisdom, are moving away from Lists and calling them Audiences. So this is us keeping up, with changes to the main Mailchimp integration in Donorfy, and the Knowledge Base.

Constituent Merge - now merges Fundraising Pages too

When two become one, in the words of the Spice Girls, their fundraising pages follow.

JustGiving - Gift Aid now being added to Transactions when available

When JustGiving collect the Gift Aid on donations it can take a couple of weeks to come through, by which time the Transactions have already been added to Donorfy. So now, when the Gift Aid arrives in JustGiving we’re adding it to the corresponding Transactions to complete the picture.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the system could freeze when updating channels.

  • Resolved an issue where hidden characters caused problems when adding Connections.

  • Closed a loophole that had been allowing Transactions to be created with zero value Allocaitons.

  • Sorting error in main search fixed.

  • Issue fixed that was causing some Auto Tagging jobs to fail.

  • RPI Upgrades were not firing webhook notifications - now fixed.

  • Rectified a problem with web widgets where the SMS channel was not being updated correctly.

  • Issue resolved where GoCardless mandates were not being added in some cases when not connected to Mailchimp.

  • RPI Beneficiary list bug fixed.

  • Opportunity Pledge reporting performance has been improved.

  • Gift Aid - transactions entered in Batch were being excluded.

  • Social Media ID panel no longer shows inactive categories.

  • Campaign Analytics - issue fixed where transactions linked to RPIs were not being included in the stats.

  • Gift Aid - issued where incorrect header totals were being displayed following change.

  • Mailchimp sync sticking resolved.

  • GoCardless own-notifications bug fixed.

  • Accounts Download now including Batch entered transactions.

  • Active Tags filter now working in Connection Lists.

  • AutoTags now possible from Connection Lists.