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Product Update - August 2019

New features

Gift Aid

  • Want to claim on demand? There’s a new button on the Active Claim to move it to Ready To Claim on demand (as long as there was nothing in Ready to Claim already). No more waiting until the end of the month.

  • Gift Aid Declarations are now being added to Donorfy from Web Widgets even if a GAD already exists. This is to make it easier to locate the correct GAD during an HMRC inspection.

  • A warning is now issued when Gift Aid settings include trailing spaces, which in some cases were causing authentication to fail.

  • There is now a way to reveal your HMRC password, to check that it’s right.

  • There is also now a button to validate your Gift Aid sign-on details.

  • An adjustment reason is now a required field if you claim contains an adjustment.

  • You can now fix errors in the Ready To Claim section (hurrah!) and there’s a new Refresh button which will re-display the page reflecting the corrections you have made.

  • We have now removed the ability to submit to the Test Gateway. Instead, there is a new button which allows you to turn the automated claiming off or on.

  • Validation of email addresses has been updated to a new industry standard. This will help eliminate errors in integrations that use the email address.

File Uploader

  • Activities - the length of the document attachment names is now being validated (max length 50).

  • Activities - you can now specify whether an activity is to be set to Confidential.

  • Transactions / Donations - now allows you to include the Acknowledgement Document and the RPI Number.

Strong Customer Authentication

  • The Campaign Donation Pages now support SCA. Web Widgets do too, but between now and 6th September you need to ask us to switch that feature on for you (create a new request at After 6th September all new Web Widgets will be compatible.

Constituent Merge

  • The constituent merge feature now archives the old record, as opposed to deleting it. You are still able to delete it manually - either one at a time or by using the bulk delete tool. The change is in preparation for some forthcoming duplicate detection and management tools.

OnlineFundraising integration

A new integration has been released to the Danish payments platform OnlineFundraising. This feature is hidden by default. Please let us know if you wish it to be enabled for your system by raising a new request at

The features released so far include:

  • create / update /archive Donorfy constituent information from OF contacts

  • New panel on the Constituent form to make/ break link from the Donorfy constituent to the OF contact

  • Configuration tools available in Settings | Configuration | Online Fundraising

  • Mapping of campaigns and consent fields from OF datasets to Campaigns and Purposes

Squished Bugs

  • The fault that prevented tagging from Connection Lists has been corrected.

  • Batch Templates can no longer be deleted if they’re in use.

  • Accounts Download - the Fund (if present) now overrides the Product, as it should.

  • Performance issues were occuring when large amounts of a certain type of data (XML) was being retrieved.

  • Transactions can no longer be deleted if they have been involved in a Gift Aid claim.

  • Address line 2 is now being populated correctly by the Web Widgets.

  • Problem with Donorfy-generated calendar attachments in Office 365 (missing the “To” entry) has been resolved.

  • The issue with retrieving Campaign data via the OData feed has been resolved.

  • JustGiving - corrected logic to determine whether a JustGiving donation is recurring or not.

  • Mailchimp - the integration was causing a problem when attempting to update a member’s (subscriber’s) tags when the member contains errors.