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5 Digital Tools That Charities Love

The digital revolution has transformed the way we live, work and play. From the beginning of the internet and the enormous potential that the “information superhighway” promised, through to the advent of smartphones, where we have access to the world’s knowledge from our pockets, the world has changed for the better through these inventions from the digital revolution.

Emerging from these changes are a whole range of digital tools that have helped charities and made the good that they do even better.

There are online fundraising tools that allow supporters of causes to quickly, easily and securely donate to their favourite charity. There are Content Management Systems (CMS) that give control of the online publishing process to charities and allow those charities to keep their supporters updated on their progress or describe how their funds are being used - all at the click of the button.

If you can think of a service or function that your charity has, there’s probably a digital tool out there for it.

But as more and more tools become available to charities, this makes it harder for charities to decide what tools are right for them and to make those tools play nicely together.

We’ve put together a list of the tools that we see charities frequently reference as their go-to tools in their respective areas. If you’re a charity looking for a tool in any of these areas, this is the guide for you!

Online Fundraising: JustGiving


Founded in 2001 by Zarine Kharas and Anne-Marie Huby, JustGiving was founded when the pair were looking for a low-cost system that would enable charities to accept donations online. 14 years later, JustGiving has raised over $3.3 billion for good cause in 164 countries.

JustGiving are the pioneers of peer-to-peer fundraising, so by leaving the costly and time-consuming stuff to JustGiving, charities can spend more time, energy and money on doing good.

Event Ticketing: Eventbrite


Eventbrite is the world's largest self-service event ticketing platform. Over 180 countries host over 1.7 million events held per year through Eventbrite - that’s 4 million tickets processed a month!

For charities, Eventbrite has become an essential digital tool as it takes the pain out of setting up tickets for events, promoting the event online and managing event attendees. Eventbrite works on a similar way to JustGiving, where charities are charged a small percentage of every ticket sold.

But, if your event is free, then you’re not charged for the ticket, making Eventbrite an ideal platform for charities to run their event registration through and concentrate on running brilliant fundraising events.

Email Marketing: Mailchimp


Founded in 2001, more than 3 million people and organisations around the world use MailChimpto send marketing emails. They now send more than 600 million emails a day.

Charities can use Mailchimp send targeted email campaigns to their supporters for things like fundraising and awareness campaigns. Mailchimp’s detailed reports help charities keep improving their email marketing campaigns over time and they have a free level for up to 2,000 subscribers, which means charities can send beautiful, professional marketing emails for free. No wonder many charities use Mailchimp as their main email marketing tool.

Content Publishing WordPress


WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets and themes. The content publishing tool has become so popular that Wordpress now powers 25% of all websites.

Wordpress’ Content Management System is free for charities to use and there are many themes (how the website looks) and plugins (how the website behaves) that integrate with Wordpress that are also free, meaning that charities get a free tool that helps them create professional looking and feature rich websites.

Donor Management: Donorfy


If you’re a charity that accepts donations, then you will likely need a digital tool to help you track who those donors are, how often and how much they donate. This is known as donor management.

Previous donor management systems have been expensive and complicated to setup, but Donorfy changes that with a low-cost and easy-to-setup donor management platform.

Donorfy is a donor management system that integrates with charities’ favourite digital tools, including JustGiving, Mailchimp, Eventbrite and Wordpress, so you can automatically collect information about how your donors are interacting with your charity.

Donorfy also helps charities collect donations through Direct Debits and even handles Gift Aid, so it makes tracking donations easy for charities.

If you’re a charity that is already using the digital tools that charities love and are looking for a donor management system, then Donorfy is well worth a look. And with a free trial, you can see if Donorfy is right for you without risking an expensive system that doesn’t fulfil your needs.

Start your free 14 day trial of Donorfy now.

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