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5 reasons why you need to consider Donorfy for your next CRM

Donorfy is powerful, affordable, smart CRM for charities. Developed in the UK, it is a fresh, cloud-based solution that is changing the way people think about CRM. Many charities are now selecting Donorfy for their donor database / fundraising software / CRM. Here are the main 5 reasons why:

1. Donorfy is ready-made CRM for charities

It is ready-made for fundraising organisations, which means you don't have to spend any money getting it do the basic charity functionality. Commercial CRM such as the big platform-based solutions Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, were designed to support the B2B sales processes of for-profit organisations (the clue is in the name!). Which means however generous their software costs seem for charities, you're going to have to invest in adding various packs, modules, code and apps to achieve the same thing. That's because for-profit businesses are different to charities:

  • Data volumes: a charity turning over £2-3m will typically have 20-30,000 supporter records to manage - individuals, couples, households, companies and trusts. A for-profit of similar income is likely to have a few hundred client accounts, each of which will have a handful of contacts. Commercial CRM designed for the latter will always struggle to accommodate the former, and the additional costs for those larger volumes of data are often an unpleasant surprise to charities who have chosen commercial CRM.
  • Income processing: a charity needs its CRM to manage and track income. A commercial CRM system isn't designed for income management - it hands that kind of thing off to the accounting system. But charities need to manage the income in the CRM, with Gift Aid, recurring income plans from cards, Direct Debits, and standing orders.
  • Charities have specific requirements such as tracking other forms of support (e.g. volunteering), and integrations the HMRC, payment gateways and online fundraising tools such as JustGiving.

True - it can be achieved with commercial CRM platform, but why bother when all of that is already there in Donorfy the moment you switch it on? Which means you're up and running faster, with less risk of an expensive implementation project running away with itself.

And the resources you need for a DIY implementation are provided, and many charities implement it themselves without needing to spend anything on consulting fees from partners. Those with more complex implementations can depend on the assistance of Donorfy partners to handle it.

2. Donorfy is the best CRM and supplier

We would say that, wouldn't we? But we're not the only ones - Donorfy ranked 1st in the Fundraising Magazine Charity CRM Survey 2016 in every category. The survey was completed by 340 users of various systems, and Donorfy's users rated their CRM higher than the others.

3. Donorfy costs a lot less

Because of the 1. above, you will spend much less time and money (we think between 50% and 100% less) than you would spend implementing other solutions.

But cost of ownership is also a factor when choosing CRM. First, there's no up front fee for Donorfy. It's software-as-a-service, which means you pay a simple subscription covering everything - use of the software, support, hosting, upgrades - they're all part of the deal. Donorfy's pricing is for unlimited users, and based only on the size of your database. No hidden costs, no additional modules.

We believe in being open and honest about the costs, and it's all there on the pricing page of the website. Donorfy is even free for organisations with very small databases.

4. Donorfy simplifies and automates

Modern cloud technology allows apps like Donorfy to talk to other apps, and automate some of the processes that used to take time. For example, Donorfy collects your Gift Aid for you, every month. It collects recurring donations via card and Direct Debit by integrating directly with the payment gateways. And for every donation made on your website it adds the donation and the donor directly into the database. Leaving you with more time to get on with the fundraising, and not updating a database.

5. Donorfy has a bright future

You're going to want your next CRM system to be developed and supported for the foreseeable future. Donorfy is built on the latest cloud technologies, ensuring it has a long and healthy life ahead.

When selecting a CRM there are 3 warning bells that you need to listen out for, all pertaining to the future of the product:

  • The vendor has been bought out. This often (but not always) signifies that the acquirer wishes to make the most of the existing customer base whilst minimising or even stopping further investment in product development. Which is the beginning of the end for the product.
  • The product has two interfaces - a web browser and a Windows interface. This means that have tried to migrate and old product to the web but only got so far. It's very difficult to do that, and rarely ends. So you're still left with infrastructure costs to run a Windows based system.
  • The product has a cloud "option". This means it's an old product that was designed to installed on a server in your office, but can equally be hosted in a data centre. That does not make it a cloud product, and does not give you the benefits of a cloud solution (scalability, cost, long life).