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Donorfy Product Update December 2016

Now you can copy existing Lists

Know that feeling when you need a List like the one you wrote before but can't be bothered to enter all that info again? OK, just us then. Well there's now a Copy function in the Manage menu to save you.

Campaign tagging

Campaigns can now be tagged. Why might you want to do this? To group them together for reporting. For example you might want to find out the income from all campaigns tagged "Environment". Got it?

Beneficiaries on Transactions and RPIs

This is a biggie, especially if you need to track who benefits from the money being paid. Such as a child sponsorship scheme (you need to track who sponsors which child). Or a group/family/household membership (you need to specify which people are included in the membership). Applies to RPIs and Transactions. And also appears in the web widgets, so you can take those donations with beneficiaries online.

Acknowledgements - now for RPIs

Previously you could only produce acknowledgements for transactions. Which meant you'd produce 12 a year. Now, for constituents with and RPI, you can produce an acknowledgement annually on its anniversary.