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Donorfy Product Update September 2016

Donation web widgets - more fields, contact permissions, tags

Now the donation web widget contains fields for comments as well as contact permissions for email, post, SMS and Phone contact.

Also, you can add HTML to your web widget to add active or excluded tags to the constituent. Such as tags to indicate interests, or select from a "How did you hear from us" dropdown.

Plus we've improved the logging and error reporting associated with widget-originated donations.

Constituent mini dashboard improved and expanded

When you need that snapshot of just what this constituent means to you, it's now there for you to see in all its glory, in the top-right corner of your screen. Expandable and instantly up to date.

Lists now in the menu

Yes, we found it annoying too. So Lists have now been moved from their formerly obscure location and placed proudly on the main menu.

Tags now get custom fields and a List

Tags are great for categorising your constituents, but sometimes you need more information. So now you can define custom fields to appear on each tag you create. So when that tag is added to a constituent you can fill in that information to give you an even richer view of a constituent's profile.

Also, you can now create Constituent Tag Lists - which means the list will show one row for each tag that each constituent has. Custom fields are available as columns in the results, and for filtering.

Soft credits in the Timeline

You've been able to enter transactions with soft credits right from the start, but now you can actually see them on the soft creditors' timelines!

Transactions, Acknowledgements and Accounts Download boost

First, the user name of the logged-in user is recorded against each transaction so that you can produce acknowledgements by the person who entered them, should you wish to. Second, the Acknowledgement file download now includes a Potential Gift Aid flag to enable you to include an invitation to Gift Aid if appropriate. And third, the Payment Method is now included in the Accounts Download, with the ability to convert that to the code used by your accounting system.

Transaction Lists showing Payment info on Allocations

Sounds dull, but it's important when you're trying to produce Transaction Lists. The problem this solves is that a transaction in fact a minimum of two rows of data - the Payment (how much, how paid etc), and the Allocation (what was it for). Transaction Lists would show both rows, but sometimes (usually in fact) you just want to see it together. So that's what we did. Essentially, the Allocation rows show Payment info too.

Column selection in List Downloads

Last, and frankly least, when you download a result-set from Donorfy you can now elect to get all the columns, or just the ones you selected in your grid view.