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Fundraising databases: 5 ways Donorfy is changing the way you buy yours

We know that charities need to be extra careful with two things: time and money. So when it comes to buying a fundraising database, being confident in the product you’re buying - in both its features and cost - is vital for charities no matter what size.

At Donorfy, we believe that buying a fundraising database to manage crucial data like donor info should be an understandable, affordable experience, without the added pressure of a smooth, corporate sales pitch. We also know that for many in the fundraising field, that hasn’t been the case.

With Donorfy, we like to think we’re changing the way you buy your donor management and fundraising database software for the better.

Here’s how:

No need for lengthy tender processes

Donorfy makes it easy for you to decide, so we keep it simple, with no unnecessary drama and work. Not to mention, we pride ourselves on a quick and easy set up in the cloud.

Signing up to Donorfy in the cloud means you can evaluate its suitability for your cause without feeling like your part of a sales process. we don't have a sales force to pay so we give you what you need to weigh up whether Donorfy is for you. As a result, Donorfy saves you a lot of time and money by taking the hassle out of buying.

Try before you buy

All of our customers benefit from a free trial of Donorfy, so you can upload some data and see how Donorfy works for yourself.

By giving you all the time you need to play with Donorfy’s features, and full access to our support service you can fully evaluate if the platform fits your needs before fully committing yourself to choosing Donorfy as your fundraising database.

Competitors are expensive

Many competitors promise free CRM, but hidden costs soon emerge - such as data storage, customisation and support. Donorfy is a purpose-built cloud solution that allows us to bring great fundraising software to you for less money.

Donorfy has a simple, transparent pricing structure for your budget-conscious organisation - and best of all? We’re ready to start using straight away. No costly external support needed.

Transparent pricing structure

Donorfy has a free entry level package if you only have a small number of constituents.

As your charity grows, Donorfy grows with you. We increase the monthly small price in small increments as you add more constituents to your account.

So you get peace of mind that as a small charity that you can get started for free, but can keep tabs of the monthly cost as you grow into a medium or large-sized charity.

Plus you can add as many users as you like to your Donorfy account at no extra charge, so you don't have to worry about extra costs as your team grows.

No sales team

We don’t think our customers would benefit from our hiring of an expensive sales team. After all, you've likely done your research on whether Donorfy is right for you already and don't need a call from a salesperson to tell you why.

Instead, we’d rather offer you a free trial and keep our costs as low as possible, so we can offer you the most affordable product we can. if you try Donorfy for yourself and you like what it does, then that's the best way to show you why Donorfy is right for your charity.

Donorfy is a fundraising database and donor management system as it should be. Automated. Effortless. Enjoyable. Connected. Nothing to install. No complicated upgrades. Just smart donor management that works beautifully in the cloud – straight from the word go.

Sign up for a free trial now.