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GDPR and you: using a cloud-based CRM to protect donor data

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GDPR and you: using a cloud-based CRM to protect donor data  

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will fully come into law in May 2018.

Even though it is an EU framework, it will affect all UK charities. It reinforces the human right to privacy and puts control back in the hands of citizens to understand who has data on them and how they’re using it.

When it comes to you and handling donor data, this means:

  • Knowing what data you collect and explicitly how it is used

  • More stringent rules around handling donor data

  • Never using it in ways that someone hasn’t given consent to

  • Overhauling data collection and handling processes to avoid the risks of violating the key provisions of the GDPR (like requiring a charity to fully delete data if it is no longer used for the purpose it was collected)

  • A requirement for charities to be fully compliant or be faced with fines and lawsuits

Without scalability and the right features in place, all of these new legal requirements can put pressure on existing or outdated CRM systems.

A cloud-based CRM like Donorfy can help you prepare for these upcoming changes and ensure you’re meeting your legal requirements through better data collection processes.

To learn more about how Donorfy can help you protect donor data and prepare you for GDPR legal compliance, book a one-to-one demo session our team today.