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How Donorfy Powers Top-Performing Fundraisers

You’re a busy fundraiser and we understand that.

In between thinking up new fundraising initiatives to managing fundraising events, handling donor enquiries and tracking incoming donations, you’ve got to fit in the time - somewhere and somehow - to make sure that your fundraising team is coordinated and you’re working hard together to get the results you want.

You’re a busy fundraiser, so you use a fundraising database.

The expensive and complicated system you use at the moment might not be perfect, but at least it works. The hours you put into making sure your donor data is kept up to date and producing reports from the other fundraising services you use is worth it if you can get a clear idea of how your fundraising activities are going.

You’re a busy fundraiser and we’re Donorfy.

Donorfy is here to help make your fundraising life easier.

Charity CRM doesn’t need to be expensive or expensive anymore. Through integrating your key digital services into one place and with smart use of automation, you can empower your top fundraisers to spend less time on manual tasks like managing CRM and donor data, and put more resources into raising money.

Previous generation of CRM software relied upon expensive software that was complicated to use, and so required expensive skills, like IT support. The new wave of Charity CRMs - like Donorfy - takes the tedious routine and time consuming tasks and automates them. CRM and fundraising databases have evolved.

Here’s how Donorfy makes your fundraising life easier:

1. Collecting JustGiving data and putting it into your CRM every night

If your charity’s supporters use JustGiving to raise funds for your charity, you can integrate JustGiving with Donorfy so that your donors and the amount they’ve raised automatically appear in Donorfy. No more manually scanning pages or waiting for reports. Simply get instant updates on how your JustGiving fundraisers are doing.

2. Compiling and submitting a Gift Aid claim every month

Gift Aid can make a real difference to the income of your charity, even if it does come with a lot of manual work to process the submissions with HMRC. Donorfy can take a lot of that work off your hands by compiling and submitting Gift Aid claims every month for your charity. That’s got to make it worth trying out Donorfy.

3. Collecting recurring donations from donors’ accounts

All fundraisers should know that recurring donations are the lifeblood of any fundraising team, as it’s easier to get recurring donations from the same people than it is to recruit new donors. Make this process as seamless as possible with Donorfy and let us process those recurring donations on your behalf.

4. Getting event registrations straight into your CRM

If you’re putting on an fundraising event and are using an event management tool like Eventbrite, you can integrate this with Donorfy so that all of your attendee data is automatically added to your Donorfy dashboard. Did that High Net Worth Individual attend your tea party? Keep track of them and find out how much they donated afterwards using Donorfy.

5. Online gifts? Straight into your database

With Donorfy’s giving widgets embedded in your website, or the free-standing giving pages, the online donations, regular or one-off, go straight into your database. No more complex integrations, imports or manual entry.

6. Keeping your email list in sync with Mailchimp

Not as sexy as social media but way more effective, email is still the king of communicating with your charity’s supporters. We love using Mailchimp to power our email communications and it’s the most popular provider among the charities that use Donorfy. Now you can automatically keep your email list on Mailchimp and your donor data in sync, through Donorfy’s integrations.

That’s just some of the ways that Donorfy powers top-performing fundraisers through automation and integration.

You’re a busy fundraiser. Isn’t it time you signed up to Donorfy?

Want to learn more? Read about our 2016 Civil Society win, where Donorfy was voted BEST Charity CRM for cost, functionality, integration and more.