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Product update - January 2017

January sees a major new update with some features to warm you up in the depths of winter. Hope you like them!

Send To Donorfy - the email integration you've been asking for

Send To Donorfy is an easy way to post emails that you send to or receive from your constituents, straight into their Donorfy timelines.

When you compose an email to go out to a constituent (or constituents), make sure you BCC your Send To Donorfy email address (you can find this by clicking on your user name, top-right in Donorfy). Donorfy uses the constituent's email address(es) to find the appropriate constituent and post a copy of what was sent onto their timeline.

And you can also Forward emails that you have received from constituents to your Send To Donorfy email. They will be added to their timelines in the same way.

Works with any email system, including Outlook and Gmail.

Connections has moved and improved

No longer a tab on the Constituent form, Connections has been brought in from the cold and is now a first-class feature residing on the main Profile tab.

Now the connection types are from a drop-down list (that you configure in Settings), they are reciprocated (so "works for" reciprocates to "employs" and vice versa, for example), you can specify the strength of connection, as well as the from/to dates and some notes.

Additionally, Other connections are displayed. These are the inferred connections - such as when A has given and B was soft-credited: the connection will show on B's constituent record too.

Timeline items can now be linked to other constituents

You have a meeting with Ms A - about her company becoming a corporate supporter. Enter that into Donorfy under Ms A, but use the new Connection button on the Activity form to associate it with her company.

That way the activity will be visible from her record (even when she has moved to a different company), and on the company's record.

Let's say that the company gives a donation. Hurrah! You add the Transaction as normal under the company, but you use the new Connection button to associate it with Ms A. The transaction will only exist once, but it will be visible from both places. Even when she moves on.

Group Contact Details are now constituents in their own right

Until now, a constituent whose constituent type was some kind of group (such as a company, church, school or mosque) provided some fields for putting the name and job title of the main contact without needing to create a separate constituent to do so. With the improvements in Connections (see above) this is no longer necessary as it is easy to quickly add a connected constituent.

Our upgrade process will automatically create and connect the constituents for you. There you may find that following this product update the number of constituents will rise slightly.

It's easy to add a connected pair of constituents - a group and a contact - from the new Add form (see below).

Add a company (eg) and a connected person at the same time

You've been to an event and have a handful of business cards to enter. In Donorfy terms each one represents two constituents - the contact and the organisations.

Now you can add a connected pair in one go. And designate the connection type on the way.

Designate a constituent as the Main Contact for a group

When you communicate with a group (Trust, company etc) you sometimes need a named contact. This new feature lets you nominate which constituent is the main contact, and makes that information available in Lists.

New improved constituent dashboard

The dashboard has been expanded and improved to give you more information about not only what this constituent has given, but gifts that have been related to him/her/them - by soft credits or connections.