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Product update July 2016

Standing Order file importer added

If your bank provides you with a file of standard order payments in the format shown below you can import them and match them to donors' Recurring Payment Instructions in Donorfy.

No more having to manually enter them every month from paper bank statements. Hurrah!

Campaigns get Expenses and Analytics

Get that all-important ROI stat on the brand new Analytics tab for each campaign with the new features for tracking campaign expenses, on the Expenses tab, unsurprisingly.

Batch Transaction Entry added

Get piles of cheques to be entered? We know - not everyone gives online! This new batch entry feature lets you enter batches of the things, and posting them straight into Donorfy as long as the number and value add up to what you said it would be.

User-definable fields on Activities

You spoke, we listened - more flexibility required when entering activities. Now you can create fields, label them and have them appear on the screen when entering Activities. A different set of fields for each Activity type.

File Uploader now updates existing Constituents' Tags and Contact Channel Preferences

Ever wanted to add or remove tags for a list of constituents? Thought so. That's what this new feature does for you. It can also block or enable the channels in Communications Preferences.

Send single emails via your own email system

Donorfy already had a great feature that lets you send one-off emails and letters to constituents, from templates that you can design, including merged fields from the recipient's record in Donorfy. This update changes the way that emails are sent by that feature. Until now they have been sent from an email system that we controlled. From now on they will be sent from your own email account, not ours. This is great news because:

  • Emails are less likely to be caught by spam filters because they are now being sent from your own email account
  • They will now appear in your email sent items folder
  • The emails come from you, so they have no β€œvia” in the email address when a recipient is reading them.

Constituent Connections navigation added

Click on the constituents to navigate to them, not a lot more to it than that.

Acknowledgements - can now download CSV file for offline mailmerge

Donorfy has always been able to send out your acknowledgements by email, but you can now download them as a CSV file for mailmerging with Microsoft Word (other word processors are available).

Job Title and Department fields added to the primary contact at an organisation

Of course the best way to hold contacts for an organisation is to have them as separate constituents and link them using the linked address feature (didn't know that? See here for more info). But for organisations where you only have one contact, and may never have more you can use the name info on the Details panel. The new part is that we've added Department and Role to that. Got it?

Tag donations and constituents as Recurring

You're going to need to identify your regular givers from your cash donors. This feature automatically tags them according to the gifts you have on their timeline. And the gifts themselves are also flagged as being recurring, or not. It makes use of the Smart Tag feature.

Stripe payments now generate receipts

Now you can get your Donorfy online donations - whether through Campaign donation pages or the widgets - to send a receipt from Stripe as soon as the payment has been made. Then your own acknow