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Tech Toolkit For Fundraisers: Tools to help you raise more funds for your charity

If you’re a small charity or non-profit organisation who is just setting up their online presence, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which digital tools to choose to achieve success. We’ve listed our preferred tools to help get you going!


Content Management System (Wordpress, Drupal)

You’ll need to choose a setup to manage your website content with. The most popular ones we see for fundraisers is either WordPress or Drupal.

Both of these content management systems have plenty of pre-packaged fundraising-focused themes if you’re looking to get started quite quickly either in-house or with a web designer.

WordPress fundraising & charity themes:


Drupal fundraising & charity themes:


Donation page (JustGiving)

You’ll also need to choose a donation page tool - we recommend using JustGiving, for it’s ease of use and Donorfy integration (of course).

Plus, with Donorfy, you get your very own donation page to go. Upload a logo and start publicising your donation page - no technical skills needed.

Single and recurring donations. Credit/Debit Card and Direct Debit. The donations and Constituents go straight into Donorfy, and of course Gift Aid is collected for you.

What could be simpler?


Email marketing tool (Mailchimp)

Other than actually raising funds themselves, collecting emails and having easy, direct access to the inbox of your potential donors is a crucial treasure.

Using Mailchimp, you can easily integrate a newsletter signup on your website, as well as manually add emails to a mailing list that you collect elsewhere.

Mailchimp has plenty of handy pre-made templates to make a professional-looking marketing email or organisation newsletter.

You might also find MailChimp’s guide for non-profits useful.


Fundraising Software and Donor Management (Donorfy)

Once you start collecting funds and emails and donor data, what do you do with it?

You’ll need a tool like Donorfy to manage the fundraising pipeline and that crucial donor information.

With advanced reporting tools (including visualised data) and plenty of integrations - this will be a huge organisational boost to your fundraising efforts without too much cost.

We wrote about 7 quick wins that you can gain from using Donorfy to give you a clearer idea of how Donorfy fits into your fundraising process.

There’s also a ‘Getting Started’ guide on YouTube.


Social Media Management (Hootsuite, Buffer)

To really cultivate your online community, promote your campaigns and interact with potential donors, you’ll need to get set up on a social media management tool.

There are several ways to use social media effectively as a charity - and for small organisations, either Hootsuite or Buffer are would work well. Both have a useful auto-scheduling tool to assist you with timing your message for best impact.

Both tools allow you to connect multiple social media accounts as well across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Hootsuite also has a discount programme for nonprofits.

Non-profit expert Claire Kerr also talks about the impact of social media and tecnhnology for peer-driven fundraisers in this presentation.


Video (YouTube)

Something that can greatly improve your online presence is video production.

Whether that be a short explainer video about your cause, campaign specific videos or just colourful social media marketing tactics, you’ll need a camera and a YouTube account.

Here’s some inspiration about how to use YouTube as a charity.


Images (Photoshop, Canva, Pixlr)

For everything  from your blog, to your marketing emails, to your Twitter page to your Youtube channel, you’ll need to pick a photo-editing tool.

For the more advanced photo editors, Photoshop is a flexible and powerful tool.

For those who are happy with templates and fewer customisation options, both Canva and Pixlr are great options which have free and affordable premium pricing plans.


What did we miss?

These are just the tech tools that we think are the essential parts to any fundraiser’s tech toolkit. But we’re aware there are a whole load more out there.

Which ones do you use? Which are the digital products and services that make up your fundraising tech toolkit?

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