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Donorfy Features & Integrations

Donorfy is a CRM for non-profits. Fundraising software. A donor database which integrates with other best-of-breed applications in the cloud.



  • Create, execute and measure direct marketing campaigns to your constituents.
  • Manage constituents: individuals and organisations.
  • Search-engine style constituent search and filtering.
  • Powerful communication preferences and consents, based on purpose of comms and preferred channels.
  • Tagging – for interests, skills, mailing lists etc.
  • Timeline – including Activities (calls, meetings etc), giving history, GADs.
  • Connections – make connections between constituents, view in a spider diagram.
  • Change-log tracks all changes to a Constituent.
  • Duplicate prevention and record merging.


  • Enter and import transactions, with split allocations.
  • Soft-credit gifts to other constituents.
  • Customise acknowledgements at gift level, and send acknowledgement / thank you emails and CSV export for mail-merge.
  • Define your own coding structure for income, using Campaign, Fund, Product, Department.
  • Track donation value, gross value (including GA), costs.
  • Configure the corresponding accounting codes and export your income data to your accounting software (e.g. Sage) using the accounting system’s coding structure.


  • Automated collection of Gift Aid on all eligible gifts via the HMRC portal.
  • Confirmation letters CSV export for verbal GADs.
  • Configuration of eligibility.
  • Includes support for the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.


  • Define any number of membership products.
  • Individuals, households, organisations can be members.
  • Join online, auto-renewal by card or Direct Debit using the Stripe and GoCardless widgets.


  • Online giving widgets that you can embed in your website.
  • Single and recurring gifts by payment card and Direct Debit (via integrations with Stripe and GoCardless).
  • Configurable giving pages for Campaigns.
  • Tag legacy intenders and pledgers.
  • Import and reconciliation of Standing Order payment files via the file uploader.
  • Import gifts from other sources using the file uploader.
  • Integrate your peer-to-peer fundraisers’ activities into Donorfy using the JustGiving integration.


  • Research and score Trusts and Foundations for their assets, propensity and connection to your cause.
  • Set application frequency and months.
  • Track and manage grant applications to completion, attach relevant documents.
  • Set tasks and reminders for follow-ups.
  • Review the pipeline and update applications according to stage and probability.
  • Convert the opportunity to Pledges.


  • Research and score major donor prospects for their assets, propensity and connection to your cause.
  • 7 steps of major gift fundraising - built in methodology and workflow.
  • Offer project funding (via Campaigns feature) including fundable items shopping list.
  • Track and manage major gift asks to completion, attach relevant documents.
  • Set tasks and reminders for follow-ups.
  • Review the pipeline and update applications according to stage and probability.
  • Convert the opportunity to Pledges.


  • Research and score prospective corporate partners for their assets, propensity and connection to your cause.
  • Manage multiple contacts at the same organisation.
  • Describe the corporate structure using the Connections feature.
  • Track and manage grant applications to completion, attach relevant documents.
  • Set tasks and reminders for follow-ups.
  • Review the pipeline and update applications according to stage and probability.
  • Import and reconcile Payroll Giving donations.


  • Legacy marketing using the Campaigns features.
  • Tag intenders, pledgers.
  • Manage and track legacy cases using the Donorfy Opportunities feature.
  • Pipeline tracking overall, and by case.
  • Process in-memoriam donations, using the soft-credit feature.


  • Standard fundraising dashboard.
  • Custom dashboards and reports from (for example) Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, using the Data Service.


  • Lists – dynamic (filtered) and fixed lists, with sorting, filtering and column selection.
  • Options to produce List output according to constituents’ communication consents and preferences.
  • Produce and download PDF reports from Lists.
  • Export CSV files for opening and analysing e.g. in Microsoft Excel.
  • Data Service – connect to your data via the Donorfy OData API using data visualisation and reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.


  • Integration with MailChimp for email campaigns, tightly sync’d to Donorfy.
  • Send-To-Donorfy – send, CC, BCC of forward any email to your Donorfy email address and it will be added to the constituent’s Timeline.
  • One-off emails can be sent, based on customisable templates in Donorfy, via your Outlook, Gmail or other email system.


  • Define and track campaigns, their goals, their costs.
  • Track a campaign’s progress using the built-in campaign analytics.
  • Unlimited number of campaign giving pages with uploaded image, text and redirects.
  • Define your campaign’s audience using Lists.
  • Precisely target your campaign messages by breaking the audience down into segments, and export as separate groups for mailing.
  • Track responses by segment.


  • Select from your own library of templates and print a one-off letter to a constituent, keeping a copy of it in their timeline.
  • Export multiple constituents to a CSV file from a Donorfy List for merging using Microsoft Word or similar, updating each constituent’s timeline.


  • Mailchimp – synchronises email-able Donorfy constituents to the subscribers on a MailChimp List. New signups in MailChimp become new constituents in Donorfy, and vice versa.
  • Eventbrite – adds or updates constituents and registrations to their timeline as they register.
  • JustGiving – adds or updates JustGiving fundraisers as Donorfy constituents, including daily totals of the amounts raised.
  • Stripe – single and recurring card payments.
  • GoCardless – Direct Debits for recurring payment instructions.
  • PCA Predict – rapid address input and validation on Donorfy staff-facing and public-facing forms.


  • A standard, best practice configuration that fits the needs of most charities is provided.
  • Create all your own drop-down lists and tags.
  • Define your own accounting structure and cross-refer to the codes used in your accounting software.
  • Add user-definable fields to tags and activities.
  • Create your own Lists.
  • Define your own one-off email templates and one-off printed mail-merge templates.


  • Import data from Excel files with the file uploader – using supplied, pre-defined templates, or user-definable mapping.
  • Export data from Lists, with optional Timeline update.


  • Use the file uploader for a DIY data import – with pre-defined templates, or define your own mapping.
  • Use the data migration services of an authorised Donorfy partner to take your existing data sources and migrate them into Donorfy.


  • Use your ‘getting started’ prompts on the Home screen in Donorfy to guide you through its features.
  • Use the training services of authorised Donorfy partners to deliver a training session for the way you want to use it.


  • Use the knowledge base articles and training videos at our support site to find the answers you need.
  • Raise a support ticket to ask a specific question.