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How Bedre Psykiatri Integrated with OnlineFundraising and Transformed their Data with Donorfy


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  • Migrated from: Collect
  • Constituents: 89,000 +
  • NGO type: Health / Danish
  • Donorfy Edition: Professional

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Bedre Psykiatri is the only organisation supporting the relatives of people with a mental illness in Denmark. 

Their mission is to provide support and advice through local branches and counselling, while also fighting for better conditions, resources and advocacy for relatives. As a democratic association, the charity is managed by its members, and dedicated volunteers run the 60 local branches across Denmark. 

Why the new CRM?

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Efficient Integrations

Donorfy integrates seamlessly with their fundraising, marketing and finance platforms, saving them time and streamlining tasks.

Digital Revolution

Donorfy moved Bedre Psykiatri to a CRM built specifically by fundraisers, developed for their specific uses and needs.

Centralised Solution

Donorfy provided a quick, cohesive picture of their supporters, consolidating information and improving visibility in one place.


Administrative Troubles

A busy NGO, they have numerous income streams to manage and track. Most of their amazing work is funded by generous donors and members, while private organisations and the Danish Government lend support to some specific projects.

Before Donorfy, they were using a database that didn’t easily organise all of this data, or integrate with the fundraising and marketing platforms they use regularly. This meant it didn’t meet their needs or save them time.

Migrating to Donorfy was to solve a lot of administrative problems.” said Mikkel Vadsager Larsen, Fundraising Manager.



NGO-Specific Solution for Unique Needs

As donors, members, volunteers and leads each have unique needs, they recognised they needed to consolidate the management processes for each into a single, cohesive platform. Happily, Donorfy emerged as the ideal solution.

The Donorfy team set up a bespoke tagging system, so they can have all information in a central place, but easily segment supporters depending on the conditions of their support - which is important to comply with Danish fundraising laws. This was particularly important for taking care of and growing their membership base, who receive perks like a handbook and access to networking groups.

I previously worked in a different organisation with Microsoft Dynamics and, for me, it was very clear that that system wasn't built by fundraisers. It’s noticeable that Donorfy is.” Mikkel observed.

The fundraising background of the team behind Donorfy was also noticeable, and something Mikkel sees as a great benefit.

Support is really good. Graham and Rich from Donorfy,  in particular, have helped us a lot.” added Mikkel. “Most valuable for us is the time the team has spent understanding specific Danish challenges. There are some things we need that charities in other countries probably don’t. It takes time to understand the small quirks, and they’ve definitely done that.” 

For the future, they saw Donorfy as a stable and future-proof solution, sparing them the hassle of switching providers, too.


An integrated solution

Here's a selection of the integrations the busy team are using to save time.

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Enhanced Efficiency with Integrations

Like most Danish NGO’s, the team uses OnlineFundraising to process donations, and being able to integrate it with Donorfy is saving them time, stress and streamlining operations.

Through OnlineFundraising forms on their website, one tailored for members and one for donors, supporter data ultimately ends up in a central place, without them having to spend hours entering information manually.

Using spreadsheets would be a lot of work, so we save a lot of time with integrations.” Mikkel explained. “We can also react much faster if subscriptions change or transactions fail, because we get information from one place. This is also vital for our winback flow.”

The finance team also benefits from the popular SKAT integration, tailored to meet Danish tax authorities' specifications by Donorfy. With this integration, their tax reporting process is automated, taking away the burden of regular, repetitive and time-consuming submissions.

The MailChimp integration contributes to saving time and enhancing the supporter journey too - more on that below. 

Optimising Ongoing Campaigns

Instead of relying on three large campaigns a year, they now run one, continuous campaign.

This starts with Facebook ads with embedded forms, enabling supporters to sign up for information. Those leads go into MailChimp, triggering a tailored response with the specific information, depending on the advert they’ve engaged with. From there, that information goes into Donorfy, where the supporter arrives as a full constituent record and is allocated a tag relevant to the campaign they engaged with.

Any call made to them, or email sent, is then logged. The outcome of any communication is marked as a specific activity, so the team can easily keep track. This gives an easy, overall picture of communications with, and transactions from, that supporter, too.

We do very little direct fundraising. All of our ads offer information we’re hopeful can help people. We then send them a mail every two weeks with specific information and a donation ask, and we’ll also call them. Donorfy makes this much easier.”


Driving Decisions with Data

Since implementing Donorfy, they’ve experienced a transformative shift towards data-driven decision-making. By centralising their data within Donorfy's comprehensive platform, they‘ve gained invaluable insights into their supporters and campaigns. Utilising features such as tags and activities, they can analyse engagement levels, trends and successes with unprecedented clarity. 

This granular reporting allows them to tailor their outreach efforts effectively, directing resources where they’re most needed and optimising their fundraising campaigns for maximum impact. 

We get an overview of our most important channels." adds Mikkel. "For example, if we have a lot of information requests through the website in one month, we know which emails and ads were really successful and can draw from that.”

With the integration of AI tools like predictive scoring through Dataro in the future, they’ll further refine their strategies, so every decision is grounded in data-driven precision.

In summary, as they continue on their NGO mission, they’re also on a path toward greater efficiency and impact. From navigating administrative challenges to embracing an integrated solution, the dedicated team has not only streamlined their operations but also improved their ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they support. They're not just managing data; they're nurturing relationships, and doing incredible work building a brighter future for mental health caregivers across Denmark.

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Mikkel Vadsager Larsen
Fundraising Manager

It’s so important that Donorfy is specific to fundraising. It’s so much easier that Donorfy is made by fundraisers, for fundraisers the functionalities are zoomed in on our needs and that’s important for us.

Jenny Slater
Business Development Manager

The team at Bedre Psykiatri are brilliant, leveraging the fantastic integrations tailored for Danish NGOs to achieve optimal results from their Donory. Collaborating with such a passionate team is truly a pleasure.

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