Donorfy and Enthuse

Keep track and keep up to date

Keep track of all fundraising efforts


What does the integration do?

  • Collects donation and donor info from Enthuse and adds into Donorfy.
  • Including comms preferences.
  • Creates new Campaigns in Donorfy if needed.
  • Includes personal and company fundraising pages.
  • Includes Enthuse Event registrations and payments.
  • Keeps a history of all imported data.

Why integrate Enthuse with Donorfy?

Save time

New pages, targets, events and totals are automatically added to Donorfy.

Keep track

Donations are automatically added to the donor’s timeline and soft credited to the fundraiser.

Keep up to date

The integration is in near real-time, ensuring Donorfy is up to date.


It's easy to connect

Step 1: Log in

Log in to Donorfy. No Donorfy yet? Sign up below.

Step 2: Connect

Obtain your API credentials for your Enthuse account.

Step 3: Map

Configure your Enthuse integration and start collecting Enthuse data.

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