Donorfy and Eventbrite

Keep track of your events, alongside your other fundraising data

Manage events


Keep track of your events, alongside your other fundraising data, with our Eventbrite integration. 

Keep track of attendance, bookings and check-ins. Information is added straight into their timeline, saving time so that you can do more of what matters.

Why integrate Eventbrite with Donorfy?

Save time

Bookings, attendance and check-ins are automatically added to a supporter’s record.

Measure Success

Link your events to campaigns, to see how they perform against others.

Full supporter view

Report on event data against other information, to get a full understanding of your supporters.

It's easy to connect

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Step 1: Log in

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Step 2: Connect

Get your Eventbrite settings to map into Donorfy.

Step 3: Map

Map your Donorfy campaigns to events, preference data and finance settings to automate the data feed.Want to chat about getting Donorfy?

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