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How the Huntington's Disease Association Enhanced Efficiency with Donorfy



charity profile

  • Migrated from: eTapestry
  • No of Constituents: 34,000 +
  • Annual Income: £2,000,000 +
  • Charity Type: Health
  • Donorfy Package: Professional

Liverpool-based Huntington's Disease Association (HDA) serves as a lifeline for those affected by the challenges of Huntington's disease - a neurodegenerative illness caused by a faulty gene.

The charity works across England and Wales to support individuals, families and Health and Social Care professionals, embodying their commitment to helping people live a better life by improving care, education and championing the rights of the Huntington’s community.

Why the new CRM?

quick glance

Integration Harmony

Donorfy integrates seamlessly with their fundraising, marketing and finance platforms, saving them time and streamlining tasks.

User-friendly Overhaul

Donorfy's user-friendly facelift offered the intuitive, straightforward, and clean interface they needed in a CRM.

Streamlining Insights

Donorfy provided a quick, cohesive picture of their supporters, saving time and enabling better communication.


Untangling Data

Back in 2021, the charity sought a more innovative and integrated solution to better manage its data.

The main change they needed was the ability to build a quick, cohesive picture of their amazing supporters. They‘d been navigating through different, fragmented sections of their database to piece together individual insights, which was not only time-consuming, but also affected their ability to maximise the goldmine of information they had in there - somewhere.

In a nutshell, they came to Donorfy looking for increased flexibility, improved integrations, improved data quality and a more streamlined operational experience.



Donorfy's User-Friendly Facelift

We’re pleased to say that Donorfy is now at the heart of their CRM transformation. After considering their options, they chose Donorfy for budget-friendly and simple pricing, UK-based and sector-expert support and because it was "intuitive, straightforward and clean."

"It feels like Donorfy is part of the charity sector rather than being a business selling a product to the charity sector, if that makes sense” explained John Gandy, Data Manager. “It was especially noticeable at the Donorfy Together Conference, the team has a particular sort of enthusiasm and passion for people who work in the sector!” 

Implementation was a factor too - it was a complex move. The team worked closely with both the in-house Donorfy team and DonorCare to prepare their data for migration as comprehensively as possible, focusing on how they wanted to use the system, so it was customised to their needs from the very beginning.


An integrated solution

The Huntington’s Disease Association needed their CRM to integrate with their favourite platforms - here's a selection:

Power BI


Insights to Improve Impact

Beyond the surface-level improvements, the implementation of Donorfy ushered in a new era of easier insights for Huntington’s Disease Association. They now have the tools to unravel valuable information and transform it into impactful actions. Here’s how their CRM switch improved the overall impact of their operations:

Holistic Supporter Understanding

With Donorfy, the team can build a quick, complete picture of their supporters. Donorfy’s profile and timeline allowed for a comprehensive view of individual records in one place, enabling them to understand engagement history, contribution pattern and, importantly, supporter preferences for GDPR.

“Another distinct improvement enabled by Donorfy, which is very important from my perspective as Data Manager, is having much greater control and oversight of communication consents - making sure that we're GDPR compliant, and making sure we're communicating with our audiences." John added.

Integrated Efficiency

Improved integrations were a game-changer for the team. The connectivity with key platforms, such as MailChimp for email marketing, Xero for accounting, and fundraising platforms like JustGiving and Enthuse, has improved outreach efforts, streamlined workflows and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

“The fact that it integrates with MailChimp has revolutionised the way that we do our mailouts.” John continued. “The integration with Xero provides us with more robust financial reporting and, from our fundraisers’ point of view, it provides a more real-time and accurate income snapshot. It’s a one stop shop, if you like."

More of What Matters

Improved operational simplicity has meant the team can redirect their focus from navigating through system frustrations to engaging meaningfully with their community, amping up the positive impact of the amazing work they do.

Underlining the benefits achieved, John emphasised, "Donorfy is helping give us a much better picture of our income, manage our membership, online shop and better track our communications. We're able to just rely on that it works so we can focus on what we really need to focus on.”

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Project feedback

in their own words

John Gandy: Data Manager
Huntington's Disease Association

Donorfy’s made everything that we do feel more straightforward, more intuitive.

It’s made our data more visible, and that’s helped us improve supporter experience. It’s helped us to communicate with our supporters better, and that means we’re improving the service we provide to the people who need us.

Ben Twyman: CCO

It's been great to work with John and the team. We could see how Donorfy could help them make sense of their data from the outset, to support them to make the most of their time. It's been a pleasure to give such an amazing charity the CRM they needed to engage with supporters more effectively.

We can’t wait to continue watching them use Donorfy to support their growth - and their incredible work!

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