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Wildly Effective Fundraising: WWF Denmark

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Example Intro:  WWF Denmark, a part of the global WWF family, is dedicated to preserving the world's biodiversity, promoting sustainability and reducing pollution and wasteful consumption. Founded in 1972, the charity operates with 65 staff and is supported by 24,000 monthly donors who primarily give through Betalingsservice and MobilePay.

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Example Challenge Info:  Driven by digital marketing activities, they were experiencing the best of all problems - such strong supporter growth that their back-office systems and processes were grappling to accommodate it. Their fundraising and marketing teams were busier than ever, but were stuck doing repetitive daily tasks that weren’t the best use of their time or skills - a familiar challenge for many in the charity sector.

Increasing efficiency was top of their priority list, so they could do more of what really matters - engaging supporters and influencing the future of our planet. They were facing several other challenges too:

  • Legacy Systems: Their current system simply wasn’t meeting their needs. They were relying on Microsoft Dynamics AX, a finance system that was used for managing financial processes related to monthly subscription collections. This system wasn’t integrated with other tools and required lengthy manual processes to extract and consolidate the data from various sources.

  • Limited Supporter Insight: Lack of integration and visibility was making it difficult to provide the level of customer service they wanted to. It wasn’t possible to see everything about a supporter in one place and that was hindering their ability to personalise communications and maximise engagement.

  • On-Premise System: Their existing on-premise solution incurred high costs, IT responsibilities and security risks. Simply put, they needed a secure solution that reduced the burden of IT management.
Simone: Head of Fundraising
WWF Denmark

As our supporter numbers started to grow, so did the strain caused by our outdated and unintegrated systems. It became clear quite quickly that we needed to modernise, so we could keep up and work more effectively.

The solution

Solution Heading

Example Solution Intro: The WWF team recognised the need for a comprehensive CRM solution that could integrate with all the various payment methods and digital fundraising tools they use.

Naturally, their main focus was on automating tasks and simplifying processes that had become far too complicated. Here’s how we worked together to give them the best outcome:

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Transition to OnlineFundraising:

WWF Denmark initially moved their Betalingsservice processing from Microsoft Dynamics AX to OnlineFundraising, a cloud-based payments solution. This allowed them to continue using Betalingsservice while embracing other payment methods like MobilePay, cards, and SMS.

Adoption of Donorfy

One reason they chose Donorfy is its seamless integration with OnlineFundraising. The implementation process, managed by our in-house team of charity CRM experts, included migrating both new and existing donors into Donorfy.

Process Modernisation

During implementation, WWF Denmark took the opportunity to reevaluate and streamline their fundraising processes. This modernisation effort simplified a complex range of subscription products.

Features and Integrations Used

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Impact Heading Including a Metric

Example Impact Copy: Our success is your success. We’re pleased to say the implementation of Donorfy had a significant and positive impact on WWF Denmark's operations.

Here’s a closer look at the impact it's made:

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Enhanced Supporter Insight:

With deep integration between Donorfy and OnlineFundraising, WWF Denmark now has a complete and up-to-date view of each supporter. This enables them to tailor marketing communications and has seen a 20% increase in donations from supporters targeted in email campaigns.

Simplified Workflows

Their CRM is now situated where it belongs, in the fundraising department - but it’s easily accessible across the entire organisation! As our pricing model doesn’t jump in cost for additional users, they’re also making a £250 per year saving, with all staff being able to use it.

Future-Ready Platform

A future-ready platform for a future ready planet! Going live is never the end of the story, WWF Denmark now has a robust platform that’s fit for their future, and can evolve with their fundraising strategies and predicted growth.

Ben: Chief Operations Officer

Empowering organizations like WWF Denmark to efficiently manage their operations and engage with supporters is at the core of Donorfy's mission. We're proud to be part of their journey towards a more sustainable and impactful future.

Simone: Head of Fundraising
WWF Denmark

The transformation brought about by implementing Donorfy has been nothing short of remarkable. We now have the tools and insights needed to engage our supporters effectively, and the time-saving benefits have allowed our teams to focus.

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