Legacy Pricing Pages

A list of all of the previous Donorfy prices.

Why do we still publish legacy price lists?

New clients signing up to today are charged according to the current pricing. But for existing clients we “grandfather” the pricing - meaning we don’t hike your price to the new one - you stay in the price list you started on. So we provide info about our legacy prices for transparency and future reference, should you have a billing query. Why do we grandfather our prices? We don’t think it’s fair to force our loyal clients onto new price lists. It’s one of our values: “Do what’s right”.

Please note - from time to time prices may need to be increased due to unavoidable reasons such as rising costs, inflation and so on. We will only do this when necessary and we will give adequate notice.


DKK (May 23) Pricing

EUR (May 23) Pricing

GBP (May 23) Pricing

2020 Pricing

June 2020 Pricing

2019 Pricing

2018 Pricing

2017 Pricing

2016 Pricing