From Siloed Systems to Streamlined Success:

How LICC strengthened their data infrastructure with Donorfy


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  • Migrated from: Raiser's Edge
  • No of Constituents: 65,000 +
  • Annual Income: £2,000,000 +
  • Charity Type: Faith-based organisation
  • Donorfy Package: Equivalent to Donorfy Enterprise 

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity is catalysing a movement that empowers Christians to live as disciples of Jesus in daily life. Working with individuals, church leaders, and those who train them, they delve into the Bible, think hard about contemporary culture, and listen carefully to God’s people. What they do comes out of what they learn: resources, events, training, stories, and more – all to help people show the difference Jesus makes right where they are. 

Why the new CRM?

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Streamlining Insights

Donorfy provided a quick, cohesive picture of their supporters, saving time and enabling better communication.

In House Implementation

Donorfy's experienced in-house team ensured a smooth and tailored set up, so they could hit the ground running.

Integration Harmony

Donorfy integrates seamlessly with their favourite finance, marketing and operations platforms, saving them time and streamlining tasks.


Siloed Systems

The team faced a classic problem encountered by many organisations: they had some great singular systems, but they weren’t talking to each other. This was limiting communication between departments, with staff finding it challenging to see what other departments were doing, and who they were speaking to. This fragmentation hindered efficiency and prevented the team from gaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of their efforts.

"Our previous CRM was more of a repository for information than a really important hub in our data infrastructure.” Nigel, Operations Director, explained.

There were also a lot of tasks and operations they were doing manually that could be automated with the right software. They knew this, so change was on the cards. Nigel, and other colleagues, were leading the path to digital transformation across the organisation and a new CRM, one that would give them a single space for streamlined data, was top priority. 



Empowering Transformation

To address these challenges, LICC embarked on an extensive CRM selection process, enlisting the expertise of an independent organisation to help them navigate the CRM landscape with objectivity. “There are so many systems out there, and every system promises to do exactly what you need. We went through a process of cutting five companies down to a final two. Out of those two, Donorfy was the clear leader.” Nigel said.

Wanting to continue using the many best-of-breed platforms they were using in other areas, Donorfy’s integration capabilities stood out - ensuring continuity in their operations while allowing them to move data in a flash, without lifting a finger!

Nigel found confidence in Donorfy’s commitment to continuous improvement and investment, too. “That gave us a great sense of confidence that this was going to be a constantly evolving product with decent money, time and resource plowed into it.” Nigel emphasised. Finally, the price being reasonable meant Nigel, and the senior team, could see a definite return on investment, and the choice was made.


Expert Implementation

All charities want to hit the ground running, and LICC were no different. They opted for an in-house implementation led by Donorfy’s Customer Success Lead, Graham.

Like most of team Donorfy, Graham has extensive experience working within the charity sector himself, including over 10 years’ at a similar organisation to LICC. This alignment facilitated a deeper understanding of their needs, and ensured a tailored approach to their set-up.

With Graham’s expertise it was a really smooth implementation, and you hear so many disaster stories of poorly implemented CRMs. He knew exactly what we were trying to achieve. Graham was, and I’m sure continues to be, superb.” praised Nigel.

Communication and workshops with Donorfy’s founders, Robin Fisk and Ben Brett, were another great bonus for the team. “Robin’s been great and, likewise, Ben was really helpful during the implementation and did a number of workshops.”


An integrated solution

LICC needed their CRM to integrate with their other platforms - here's a few of the standard and bespoke integrations they use:

Power BI
Power Automate


Maximising Tech

LICC is a great example of an organisation squeezing every last drop of value from their CRM. Here’s how their move to Donorfy has strengthened their data infrastructure - amplifying their ability to drive meaningful impact through informed decisions.

Automated Operations = Time and Effort Saved

From day one, they leveraged the time-and-stress-saving powers of integrations. 

Starting with Microsoft Power Automate to flow data where it was needed, the team moved to creating an ecosystem of data visualisation tools using Power BI. This enabled them to get reach, financial and impact information to decision makers in real time  -  “we would have had no chance of doing that with our old system.” adds Nigel. 

Driven by the goal of wanting to fully automate their operations, many integrations with wide-ranging benefits have followed. Leveraging EventBrite, they effortlessly sync ticket data to constituent timelines, while WooCommerce allows them to integrate sales data from their online shop. They’ve optimised their financial workflows too, with the GiftAid integration processing claims for them, and GoCardless and Stripe processing one-off and recurring payments. “You name it, we’ve integrated it.” says Nigel. 


Custom Data with Donorfy

LICC chose a Donorfy edition with SQL access which has transformed their data management capabilities. By hosting their data in a dedicated SQL database, they’re enjoying even more control over insights. They’ve also benefitted from customisable list views and the ability to perform high-performance querying over large datasets with ease, too.

“Because of what we wanted to do with it, we took the decision to go into our own space, which allows experts in SQL to get right in and pull out information in a more granular way. It was definitely the right decision for us.


Enjoying the 360-degree View

For the team, having a clear picture of their interactions with supporters and donors was something they needed from the start - and now it’s happening. "Let's say we have a meeting with someone, the team can look up the interactions we've had with them, and get a helpful view of the history we have." explains Nigel. This comprehensive picture enables them to approach engagements with more personalisation, fostering stronger connections with their community.

The age-old expression, ‘you get out what you put in’ is true here too. The team’s proactive approach with Donorfy has not only enhanced efficiency, but is ensuring the information they all share is comprehensive enough to drive actions and decisions. “What’s most important is that everybody uses the information that Donorfy plays a part in releasing.” Nigel says.

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Project feedback

in their own words

Nigel Hall: Director of Operations

We want people to be doing meaningful work that actually contributes. We have been able to take a lot of manual operations, automate them using the power of Donorfy, to actually get better results with less manual input needed. It's a great product and they're a great set of people; we love that relationship.

Ben Twyman: CCO

LICC have been a brilliant team to work with over the years and are fantastic members of the Donorfy community! They're are a shining example of how to Donorfy can be used to maximise integration and automation opportunities, and for outreach beyond fundraising.

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