Donorfy and Loqate

Ensure Donorfy address data is accurate

No more address typos!

Data integrity

Accurately capture address information in Donorfy, the CRM for charities, designed to help you do more of what matters.

Why integrate Loqate with Donorfy?

Save time

Rapid address entry and address lookup when entering a new constituent.

Increase your accuracy

Ensures data quality in Donorfy, with address lookup.

Accuracy all round

The Loqate integration can be used in web widgets and donation pages, to ensure that donors input their address details accurately too.


It's easy to connect

Step 1: Log in

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Step 2: Connect

Connect your Donorfy to your Loqate account.

Step 3: Start!

Start inputting address data to accurately record your data! Want to know more about Donorfy?

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