Major Donors, Trusts and Foundations

Nurture fruitful, high-value relationships
Professionalise your fundraising

Professionalise your fundraising

Manage multiple Pipelines

As a busy charity, it can be hard to manage multiple income streams side-by-side. Donorfy has best practice built in, helping you to professionalise and scale your fundraising.

Use Donorfy to create strategies and tasks for each type of funder – making targeted outreach to Major Donors, Trusts and Foundations and corporate donors.

Get visibility of your high value support pipeline with a holistic approach to tracking and forecasting income.

Major Donors

Major Donors

Build relationships

  • Research and score prospects based on their capacity, propensity and connection to your cause
  • Use Donorfy’s workflow tools to track and manage every opportunity through each stage of your pipeline to completion
  • Track opportunities by fund, campaign and supporter type
  • Define and map relationship networks in Donorfy to identify who knows who – and how
Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations

Trust fundraising

  • Research and identify suitable Trusts and Foundations to build links with
  • Create and maintain a history of grants applied for and their outcome
  • Build upcoming grant opportunities into your opportunity pipeline
  • Track multi-year pledges and set reminders for reporting and invoicing

Corporate Fundraising

Manage complex relationships

  • Manage multiple contacts at the same organisation
  • Coordinate company volunteering events and track participation
  • Offer corporate sponsorship products
  • Track donations and matched gifts 
Legacy and in-memoriam

Legacy and in-memoriam

High value gifts

  • Tag legacy intenders and pledgers as an outcome of your marketing campaigns
  • Track legacy case management workflow for bequests
  • Process in-memoriam donations and manage Tribute Funds 

Revolutionise your relationship with donors.

Donorfy features, automations and integrations give you the power to build beautiful seamless supporter journeys.