Grow your membership programme and track the stats that matter.
Become a member

Grow your membership base

committed giving

  • Easy signup online using Donorfy Forms or a custom design via the API
  • Import memberships from Excel using the File Uploader
  • Offer a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit card and Direct Debit
  • Offer Gift Aid opt-in, which Donorfy collects automatically from HMRC
  • Configure any number of membership products and prices
  • Allow multiple members per membership
  • Membership subscription prices for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual
  • Optional variable / minimum subscription prices to enable members to top up their subscription with a donation
  • Allow membership subscriptions to be gifted
member tag

Take care of your members


  • Save time with auto-renewals using credit/debit card (Stripe) and Direct Debit (GoCardless or 3rd party solution)
  • Manual renewals with reminder emails and letters
  • Auto-enrol members into an automated email sequence
  • Identify members using tagging, alongside their other touchpoints
  • Easily understand membership status with automatically assigned status codes
  • View membership status in your constituents’ profiles and timelines
Power tools at your fingertips

Power tools at your fingertips

Reporting and Automation

  • Keeps track of joiners and leavers; calculates growth, retention and churn KPIs
  • Quickly produce Member and Membership Lists for custom reporting, auto-tagging and triggers
  • Boost revenue with the subscription increase utility
  • Add depth and power with custom fields
  • Automate notifications, emails and other processes with membership-based Triggers

Revolutionise your relationship with donors.

Donorfy features, automations and integrations give you the power to build beautiful seamless supporter journeys.