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Navigators Journey to 10% Time Savings with Donorfy


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  • Migrated from: Beacon and ThankQ
  • No of Constituents: 4,500 +
  • Total Annual Income: £1,700,000 +
  • Charity Type: Faith-based organisation
  • Donorfy Package: Professional

Navigators UK is a dedicated Christian charity focused on spiritual growth and building strong communities of support. They have a simple but powerful mission: helping individuals explore and deepen their faith across various stages of life.

Primarily based in the UK, Navigators works through a network of around 70 representatives. These representatives actively engage with a wide range of groups, from students and church leaders to young professionals and retirees, providing guidance and support as they navigate their spiritual journeys.


Double Trouble

In 2021, the team were juggling between two systems - Beacon for event sign-ups and ThankQ for managing donations. Though this two-factored setup worked for a while, it gradually began causing a few operational headaches. Naomi Sebborn, Operations Manager, explains:

 We ran the two systems in parallel for a couple of years, but really needed one that could do it all. Actions taken in one system didn't always follow through to the other and needed a lot of manual input.”

Effectively, the team lacked a singular, integrated system capable of effectively handling their unique needs. This prompted the search for a single solution that could not only streamline their financial transactions, but also consolidate their supporter data to provide a clear, comprehensive view of their supporters in one place.



Operational Backbone

When it came time to change, Donorfy stood out as the ideal choice for its straightforward yet powerful capabilities. The system met Navigator's need for a scalable solution that supported their operational needs, while also being well-regarded by users and clearly and fairly priced.

Naomi highlighted the decisive factors: "It was the combination of the team's helpfulness, the functionality of Donorfy, the collaborative nature of the implementation and, crucially, the cost-effectiveness."

Handling direct debits efficiently was a critical requirement. Donorfy offered the flexibility needed for managing not only direct debits but also other complex functionalities. Naomi added, "Our needs are quite specific, as the majority of our gifts are restricted. For example, a single donation might need to be divided among five representatives, with some portions eligible for Gift Aid and others not. Donorfy was the only system we found capable of managing these complexities at the time."

From MailChimp for communications and Gift Aid for tax efficiency, to Stripe and GoCardless for payment processing, Donorfy’s integration options were also popular with the team, helping them ensure adaptability over time.

The implementation process was another critical aspect that reassured them. The collaborative approach allowed them to be actively involved, ensuring the system was set up to accommodate their long-term needs.

Being actively involved in the implementation not only helped us understand the system better but also ensured it was configured exactly how we wanted it" Naomi reflected.

An integrated solution


Plug and play! Here's some of Navigator's current and planned integrations. 



Enhanced Productivity and 10% Time Savings

Navigators UK primarily fundraises through its representatives, who are responsible for raising their own support. This typically involves giving talks at churches, hosting sponsored events and including fundraising pleas in their newsletters. Additionally, the charity arranges one central fundraising appeal each year, launched at their Annual Conference and followed up with an appeal email and letter to their supporters. This structured approach to fundraising is critical for maintaining and expanding their operations and, with Donorfy, managing these activities has become more streamlined.

Revamped Event Management

Using integrated website forms, event registration data is now smoothly plugged into Donorfy, where attendees can pay via Stripe. Custom tags in Donorfy categorise detailed information, allowing for personalised arrangements too. Naomi appreciates this streamlined process, noting,

We can add fields, for example, if it’s residential, people can choose if they want their own room, or if they’re happy to share, and they can nominate a roommate, and that data goes into Donorfy for easy access."

Time-Saving Integrations

Donorfy's integration capabilities have proven crucial in saving time and reducing manual workload. The automation features, including syncing with the website, MailChimp and GoCardless, have significantly enhanced fundraising and communication efforts. Naomi highlighted the impact, saying,

We save a significant percentage of time. There’s a steady flow of information that comes in, and before I would have to search for the donor and add a communication, or add a new record if they weren’t there. I’d say 10% of my time is saved by automation functionality and integrations."

Through a custom integration with DonorHub, representatives can now log in and view live data relevant to their fundraising, too. This real-time access allows them to actively track their fundraising efforts without waiting for monthly reports, enhancing their relationships with supporters.

Enhanced Donor Management

The use of auto-tagging to categorise different donors - for instance, determining Gift Aid eligibility or identifying high-value donors - has simplified reporting and management. This functionality is invaluable for maintaining GDPR compliance and targeting communications based on the geographical locations of supporters. Naomi values the ability to use lists for getting overviews and drilling down into details too, stating,

You can see a whole history of a person, from donations to events. It really helps us know who is highly connected and engaged, and who are less so, so we can personalise their experience."

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Navigators UK is excited about the potential to expand their use of Donorfy. The system's functionalities promise continued improvements in how they manage relationships and engage with their community. The ability for other departments to be more involved, thanks to accessible data and easy reporting tools, marks a step forward in collaborative and effective charity management.

In summary, with Donorfy in the mix, the brilliant team has transformed how they manage donations and supporter data. It's made a huge difference, freeing them up to focus on what really matters - supporting and expanding their community.



Naomi Sebborn
Operations Manager

The automation of tasks that were previously manual has been a huge time saver for us. Integrating with services like MailChimp and GoCardless through Donorfy has streamlined our processes, reducing the workload and allowing us to focus more on our core activities. It’s been transformative in how we manage our time and resources.

Ben Twyman

It's a pleasure to work with the dedicated team at Navigators. They really get the most from Donorfy - we're thrilled they save so much time, so they can do more of their great work!

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