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Welcome to Donorfy, the company

We make Donorfy - the CRM solution that powers the fundraising efforts of amazing nonprofits. To do that pour tons of experience into our today's technology making Donorfy a bona fide modern classic. Based in and around Brighton in good old Sussex-by-the-sea we do things differently. How? Read on....


What we do


Using the best of “agile development” principles we design, prototype, code, test, doc, deploy and maintain the Donorfy CRM solution.

Customer Success

From onboarding through to customer support, we help nonprofits using Donorfy to get the best out of it. No pushy sales.


As a true cloud product you don’t need to worry about upgrades. We take care of them for you, saving you time and money. Always up to date.


Donorfy integrates with best-in-class apps – why reinvent the wheel? So we’re always checking out new integrations to keep you moving forward.


What makes Donorfy different?

We have disrupted the industry

For years nonprofits have had to pay a premium for good fundraising software. That's because commercial CRM is not designed to meet their needs (think Gift Aid, think gift processing in the CRM, think B2C and B2B in the same database). And niche fundraising software have been able to charge a premium.

This has sustained a mini industry of charity-focused solution providers who have an interest in perpetuating the cycle of supplying, maintaining and re-supplying expensive solutions. Meanwhile, the revolution in cloud computing has largely passed the sector by.

We were appalled by this situation, so we decided to bring our experience (we've been doing this a while) into a new, lightweight, cloud-native solution - Donorfy.

This has enabled us to bring great CRM to organisations who would not previously have been able to afford it. To the extent where we can offer it free of charge to really small nonprofits.

It has reduced the cost of CRM by over half.

We're a new kind of company

Just as we designed Donorfy the software from the ground up to be a modern, cloud-native solution, we designed our business that way too. How does that look?

We rarely travel - it's a waste of time, the planet's resources and money. So we make extensive use of online conferencing tools.

We don't have a permanent office. We’re a connected company - our team work from their homes, meeting up as an when necessary.

We work with implementation partners. We want you to have a choice of experts who not only understand how to make Donorfy work for you, but can also add value to your organisation with fundraising advice, training services and beyond.

All of which means our business is lean, which is how we are able to offer award-winning charity CRM at extremely competitive rates.