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Add simplicity, work together and do what’s right, that's us.
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A UK-wide team of charity experts

Our Story

Donorfy has been powering remarkable charities, like yours, for a decade.

Our team is made up of third sector experts with well over 100 years combined experience in charity roles. We love working with great causes because we’ve come from great causes.

Our Values

doing things differently

We're not just a company, we're a community - our people and values are what truly sets us apart.

There's nothing that can't be made better by simplifying it. We strive to apply that to our solution and how we work.


We build Donorfy according to the wants and needs of fundraisers like you. Community is key to everything we do.


We challenge ourselves and each other, defy conventions and enjoy the freedom to think differently. 


People come before profit. We're radically transparent in our focus on helping charities to do what matters most.

Jenny and Ben Donorfy in Denmark

No hard sell, just expert guidance

We'll help you decide if Donorfy is right for you.

Our lovely team have been in your shoes - and we don't work on commission. Their only goal is to help you decide if Donorfy is your best CRM fit.

They look at Donorfy with the keen eye of a fundraiser. They understand what you're trying to achieve, and have the experience and tools to help you do it. 

They'll listen to your challenges and explore if our cost-effective, intuitive donor management platform is the right solution for you.

What we do differently

doing things differently

We’ve created a lean, agile business to benefit staff, our charities and the planet.


It's a waste of the planet's resources and precious time that we'd rather spend helping our clients; so we make extensive use of online conferencing tools.


We're not just a cloud-based platform; we're a cloud-based business. That means we're greener, simpler and more cost-effective. No fixed-location overhead means we can make Donorfy as affordable as possible for charities.


Working with implementation partners means that your project is completely tailored to your organisation's needs. Check out our accredited Donorfy experts

Meet the Team

Behind the scenes

The Donorfy team is made up of savvy entrepreneurs, dedicated developers and third sector experts, committed to helping you maximise your impact.

While some of us build it and some of us support it; all of us live it and love it.

Becca Pearce Donorfy

Quality Assurance Analyst

With a wealth of charity experience, including fundraising for Medical Detection Dogs, Becca tests Donorfy with the keen eye of a fundraiser.

When she's not ensuring Donorfy runs smoothly, you'll find her wrangling dogs and hitting the ice as part of an ice hockey team.

Ben Brett Donorfy
Ben B

Co Founder and CTO

Co-Founder Ben is the original code wrangler behind Donorfy - and Progress CRM before it. He remains closely engaged with the product to this day, and plays a key part in shaping its strategic direction.

A camping and camper van enthusiast, he's usually found enjoying the great outdoors. 

Ben Twyman Donorfy
Ben T

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben's pursuit of inventive ways to empower charities knows no bounds. His history of fundraising success at Children with Cancer and DonorCare means he's no stranger to delivering results that have impact too.

His motivation? A deep passion for helping good causes maximise their impact. Other passions include Wales, history and cats.

Charlotte Headshot

Senior Business Development Manager

Charlotte knows fundraising like the back of her hand, having raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for university and NHS charities throughout her career.

What can she do for you? Our passionate chicken caretaker, she's as knowledgeable about choosing the perfect CRM as she is the perfect coop. 

Duncan Hook Donorfy

Customer Success Manager

With a fundraising background at Help for Heroes and other smaller charities, Duncan thrives on surprising charities with unexpected solutions that make their jobs easier.

He primarily supports charities during their Donorfy onboarding process, but can also be found staging incredible theatre shows.


Senior Developer

Hailing from Brazil, Felipe is our new senior developer and a football enthusiast, often playing with his young children.

Passionate about technology and fueled by curiosity, his goal is to create impactful applications that make a difference in users' lives and streamline operations.


Garrison Fisk Donorfy

Software Developer

Software Developer Garrison's journey from studying astrophysics to joining Donorfy has been truly stellar.

He thrives on problem-solving and the satisfaction of seeing the features he develops in real-world action. Beyond coding, he's a music enthusiast, adding a harmonious note to our team.

Ginny Rose Donorfy

Quality Assurance Analyst

Moving from our support team to QA makes Ginny's deep understanding of Donorfy her superpower. Her ability to anticipate how users will interact with the software, even if it's unconventional, is pretty great too.

Ginny's diverse talents extend beyond tech; she once taught BSL at a local college.

Gizem Fowler Donorfy

Business Development Manager

Gizem, our super-smiler, has extensive fundraising experience from roles at the British Heart Foundation and The Yard. She knows what makes a CRM great, and that's why she's so good at showcasing Donorfy.

A self-described "marathon plodder", Gizem hails from Turkey and now calls Scotland home.

Graham Bell Donorfy
Graham B

Customer Support Manager

A member of Donorfy's Graham collection, Graham uses his charity background to help nonprofits maximise their impact. Being an "extension of the charity's team" is what he does every day - and he loves it.

When he's not solving customer conundrums, you'll find him tearing up mountain bike trails.

Graham Dunn Donorfy
Graham D

Customer Success Lead

With 10 years' experience managing Scripture Union's database, outdoors enthusiast Graham is a knowledge powerhouse.

Whether he's assisting with technical challenges or helping users maximise Donorfy, he's amazing at making our community feel supported.

Jack Deeth Donorfy

Customer Support Engineer

A skilled problem-solver, Jack's entrusted with customer tickets that go beyond the basics. His experience with a social care record system makes him the go-to guy for a broader analysis of customer issues too.

When he's not knee deep in tech puzzles, you'll find him soaring the skies in a glider.


Senior Software Developer

Meet Jacques, our Senior Software Developer! Specialising in back-end mastery, Jacques excels in maintenance, bug fixes and feature implementation - he's not afraid to dabble in UI either.

Outside coding, Jacques is a video game, Dungeons and Dragons and motorbike enthusiast.

Jenny Slater Donorfy

Business Development Lead

A former fundraiser herself, our resident Olympic fan Jenny has experience working for a university, a small sports charity and Comic Relief.

She helps charities figure out if Donorfy is their perfect CRM match - and she's so lovely she won't tell you it is, if it isn't.

Jonny Harrison

Customer Support Analyst

From a large charity background in the Air Ambulance sector, Jonny offers fantastic insights from his prior roles in database management, compliance and fundraising, where his passion for all things Gift Aid saw him triple the revenue for that income stream.

By day, he uses his impressive knowledge to advise and guide Donorfy users who've hit a challenge. By night, he's a dedicated gamer.

Josh Levin Donorfy

Academy Manager

When you watch a Donorfy Academy tutorial video or attend a live training session, that's Josh's handywork.

He knows a thing or two about fundraising too, his previous role as a fundraising and engagement ambassador at Sheffield Hallam University earned regular runner Josh accolades for raising over £27,000 for The Hallam Fund. 

Lindsay Fisk Donorfy

Testing and Billing

Multi-talented Lindsay spends most of her time making sure Donorfy works as designed. When she's not meticulously testing and keeping the developers on their toes, she also looks after billing enquiries.

Beyond work she volunteers at a local café - and we can confirm she bakes great cakes, too. 

Lisa Newhouse Donorfy

Marketing and Content Manager

Lisa has a decade of marketing experience under her belt, previously heading up marketing for the charity Kicks Count. 

She's a huge sustainability enthusiast too - her proudest fundraising achievement is developing a recycling community that raised over £50,000 for charity and kept tones of waste from landfill.

Mark Bell Donorfy
Mark B

Director and COO

Mark, our COO, draws from 15+ years experience in service delivery at Children with Cancer, DataLoop and DonorCare.

He's the strategic visionary at Donorfy, and is our resident innovation enthusiast too. Day-to-day, he champions our support team and partners, while always prioritising Donorfy's goal: delivering maximum impact for charities.

Mark Wright Donorfy
Mark W

Data Specialist

Meet Mark, our data wizard! Mark has a knack for doing things with data that nobody else can, and he uses that magic to improve Donorfy's performance and scale.

When he's not crunching numbers or crafting data architectures, Mark's out enjoying the countryside. 


Mat Przybysz Donorfy

Customer Success Operations

Drawing on his background at an autism research charity and Donorcare, Mat shines in customer operations at Donorfy. His wide-ranging responsibilities include ensuring charities are on the optimal package and serving as a vital point of contact.

Beyond work, he enjoys a game of tennis while soaking up coastal life.

Matt Redmore Donorfy
Matt R

Business Development Manager

With a wealth of events and community fundraising experience to draw upon, Matt's amazing at helping charities choose their perfect-fit CRM.

When he's not showing charities the ins-and-outs of Donorfy, Matt's a baking enthusiast with an interest in politics and gaming.


Business Development Manager

Molly has wide-ranging fundraising experience from income generation roles at Shelter, the Garden Museum and Clock Tower Sanctuary, using Donorfy extensively at the latter two charities.

Beyond Donorfy, you'll find her immersed in pottery, or nurturing her green thumb by gardening or growing produce.

About Rich Bee Donorfy

Senior Consultant & Technical Partnerships Lead

Seasoned charity pro Rich engages with charities on implementations and evaluates potential Donorfy partners for their compatibility and expertise.

Fueled by good coffee, Rich also possesses the unique skill of coaxing computers to bend to his will. 


Co Founder and CEO

Seasoned software veteran Robin co-founded Donorfy in 2014, bringing charity CRMs into the cloud - and the 21st century.

Using his vast experience in fundraising technology, he oversees Donorfy's overarching strategy and planning, while supporting the wider team with, well, everything and anything!

About Sam Eastburn Donorfy

Software Developer

From complex infrastructure and security, to technical troubleshooting on tricky support tickets, Sam's always hard at work crafting software solutions.

When he's not lost in a screen of C-sharp, he's a proud Spaniel owner who enjoys the art of taking cars apart in his spare time.

About Sofia Kupresanin Donorfy

Customer Support Analyst

Having used Donorfy at FareShare Midlands, Sofia's the perfect person to support customers when needed - so it's a good job that's what she does.

With a wildlife biology degree, she's a dedicated conservationist, avid animal lover and an all-round asset to our team - and humanity!

About Tim Leahy Donorfy

Engineering Team Lead

Tim is a tech-force; he develops new Donorfy features, maintains the old ones, tests the system and squashes pesky bugs. 

Like all of us, he loves that he gets to contribute to the greater good through his work. Off-duty, you'll find him indulging in his love for budget performance cars and bikes.

Amy Walker
Operations Manager

There’s no doubt that a CRM project is complicated, made more complicated because we were starting from zero with no CRM and our charity’s data all over the place. We couldn’t have done it without the support of Duncan (our Customer Success Manager) who held our virtual hands throughout.

Chloe Skykes

We chose Donorfy for its value for money (as a tiny charity, the sliding fee scale helps keep costs low) and user-friendly design. You can tell the product has been developed by those who have used other CRMs in fundraiser roles.

Emily Richland
Fundraising Assistant

I love that I can speak to someone with fundraising experience themselves; I’ve found the advice and opinions of the Donorfy team really useful.

Careers at Donorfy

We're here to give charities more time, better tools and the freedom to do more of what truly matters - join us.