Become a Donorfy Affiliate

Affiliates generate revenue by helping charities grow with Donorfy, so that they  can do more of what matters.

Programme Overview


Recommend Donorfy to good causes that you believe will benefit from it, and receive commission to help you to continue to support the sector to do more good.

15% Commission for up to 5 years

Paid monthly, for up to 5 years, or as long as the client subscribes to Donorfy - build a significant revenue stream.

2% Growth per month

With Donorfy’s success-based pricing model, your revenue grows as the clients grow.

6 Months referral window

Plenty of time for your referral to start their Donorfy subscription to activate your commission.

How it works

1. Become an Affiliate

If you agree with our values, are committed to the third sector and a Donorfy fan, then submit your application to become an Affiliate. Terms and conditions apply.

2. Promote Donorfy

When you know Donorfy is the right choice for one of your contacts, make the introduction to us. Our team will then make contact and take it from there.

3. Earn Commissions

If Donorfy is the right choice for your lead, and they decide to become a Donorfy client, then you will earn commission each month for every accepted referral.

Affiliate Programme FAQs

  • What is the Affiliate programme?

    Donorfy Affiliates can build a recurring income by referring prospects that become paid-for Donorfy Professional users in return for a commission for the lifetime of the customer, for as long as they are an affiliate.

  • How does the commission work?

    We collect Donorfy subscriptions monthly in arrears. You will receive a payout from us by bank transfer in the month following the month in which we collected the client’s subscription, for every client that you have referred under this programme. We also send you a Commission Statement - a breakdown of what comprised the payout.

  • Who can be an affiliate?

    Affiliates must be businesses - this includes sole traders. Other Donorfy Partners are not obliged to become Affiliates because some may want to retain their independence.

    Once accepted onto the Affiliate Programme, an Affiliate must:

    • Subscribe to a paid Donorfy Professional tenant in which they will manage the Leads they refer to Donorfy. They will also be provided with a separate tenant to demo/learn. This costs £20 a month. 
    • Be onboarded - which means successfully completing a Donorfy Affiliate Certification in the Donorfy Academy
    • Accept the affiliate contract T&Cs


  • Who should I refer to Donorfy?

    We only accept those who are trusted in the sector and who act with integrity to be Affiliates. Cowboys need not apply! So we expect you to only introduce Donorfy to a lead when you believe it is a good for for them and us. It's important to us to do the right thing, and for you to only recommend Donorfy where it will add value.

  • How do I make a referral?

    Once you are a Donorfy Affiliate, you will work with our Business Development team to make referrals. 

  • Who does the sales process?

    We aim to make it as easy as possible for those interested in Donorfy to get started. We will expect to lead the sales process, however sometimes because of the nature of the relationship with the organisation you referred, you may wish to be more involved.

  • Where can I see all the T&Cs of the programme?

    All the Affiliate programme terms and conditions can be found here.

Come on board, Partner!

Use your skills for good. Get customers for your professional services
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