The Road Ahead

Welcome to your sneak peak

We're excited to share some upcoming features and enhancements, designed to make your Donorfy experience even better.

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Here's a taste of what's brewing:


  • improved and simplified user interface.
  • same column selection for all users of a list.
  • list results saved for up to 7 days.
  • data visualisations (charts).
  • improved performance especially with large datasets.

Multi currency

  • ability to enter money in any number of currencies.
  • instant conversion calculation according to the current rate.

Platform update

  • updating to .NET Core for improved performance and fitness for the future.


  • multiple dashboards that you can populate with reports and List visualisations.
  • access permissions.


  • ticketed events.
  • mass participation events.

Single Sign On

  • sign in via Google and Microsoft.

We're updating this roadmap all the time, so this list isn't exhaustive.

Packed with features

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