Contact Management & GDPR

The better your data, the stronger your outreach

Know every supporter inside-out


When it comes to building strong relationships, knowledge is power – and that knowledge needs to be stored in one central place.

Donorfy’s charity CRM brings the information in people’s heads and data silos together into one detailed profile. Build a single version of the truth for every contact and organisation that supports your cause, to underpin powerful, effective fundraising campaigns.


Manage every supporter through one solution

Easy to use

  • Create and update profile records for individual constituents and organisations 
  • Build a timeline of each supporter’s activities, communications, giving histories and Gift Aid donations
  • Log critical GDPR data including consent

Use donor data to built smart fundraising campaigns

Campaigns & Events

  • Tag supporters by interests, skills, mailing lists and donation value, to group like minded people
  • Connect and segment contact data to execute targeted, measured marketing campaigns
  • Build dedicated fundraising pages that boost campaign ROI

Revolutionise your relationship with donors.

Donorfy features, automations and integrations give you the power to build beautiful seamless supporter journeys.