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Den Danske Naturfond, established in 2015 by the Danish state along with two major private conservation funds, is committed to safeguarding Denmark’s natural landscapes and water environments. 

The organisation focuses on creating and nurturing natural biotopes, improving habitats for wildlife, and enhancing opportunities for people to experience and enjoy nature. 

Since 2018, the dedicated team have intensified their fundraising efforts to support these crucial initiatives, aiming to create a strong sense of community and retain monthly donors.


Starting Strong

As a new charity, the Danish NGO faced the challenge of establishing an efficient donor management system from the outset. They needed a platform that would support their growth and enable them to transparently show donors the direct impact of their contributions. 

From the beginning, it was crucial to have a robust system in place that could handle donor relations, track donations and help them demonstrate the tangible outcomes of their donors' generous financial support. 

Additionally, they required a solution that could seamlessly integrate with other platforms, to streamline their operations and ensure accurate, up-to-date information. 



Facilitating Transparent Fundraising

Recognising the need for a comprehensive CRM solution that could support their ambitious conservation goals, Den Danske Naturfond chose Donorfy to manage their fundraising activities efficiently. 

Supporting Nature Projects 

With Donorfy, the dedicated team of four fundraisers can effectively track and allocate donations to specific conservation projects, ensuring that every contribution is used as intended.

We use Donorfy to buy nature. We collate private and company donations as transactions, and then we earmark those transactions to a specific area we’re buying.” explains Jonas Arboe Harild, CRM Manager & Fundraiser.

Integration with OnlineFundraising 

A significant reason for choosing Donorfy was the integration with OnlineFundraising, a tool crucial for Danish NGOs. This integration simplifies the process of managing online donations, allowing the automatic transfer of donation data into Donorfy, so all contributions are accurately recorded and quickly acknowledged. Jonas notes:

The integration with OnlineFundraising was one of the main reasons we chose Donorfy. It was the obvious choice. It allows us to manage donations smoothly and saves us time, so we can focus on protecting Denmark’s nature.”

The team also saves time with the popular SKAT template. This report generation supports the submission of accurate tax reports, ensuring compliance with Danish tax regulations.

Transparency and Impact Reporting

With Donorfy behind the scenes, Den Danske Naturfond created "Min Natur," a dedicated platform for monthly donors to view the impact of their donations. This site allows donors to login and see exactly where their contributions have been used to purchase land for conservation.

When a supporter creates a Min Natur account, it checks for an active recurring payment instruction in Donorfy. Monthly donors can then sign in and see how many square metres of land they’ve funded, and where it is. For each 12 DKK they secure 1 m² of nature.” explains Jonas.

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Donors can also see gamified elements such as their contribution level, interactive maps and enjoy specific content related to the nature areas they’re helping to preserve. Donors can “level up” depending on how many donations and how long they’ve been a supporter,  from acorn to a forest. They receive a gift when they level up, too. They can also view all previous donations, amend their donation amounts, or cancel their donation if needed. The platform really is fantastic. Jonas reflects:

Fundraisers always dream about showing impact for the donors, and Donorfy has made this dream a reality for us. We can transparently show our supporters exactly where their donations are making a difference.”

To make this possible, the team chose a Donorfy edition with Private Cloud. By hosting their data in a dedicated SQL database, they’ve benefited from the ability to perform high-performance querying over large datasets. To ensure that all financial activities are up-to-date and accurately reflected on the Min Natur platform, they run three lists regularly: new transactions, transactions with funds changed this month, and all transactions. This ensures that every donor can see the latest information about their contributions and the impact they’re making.

What I’m really happy about Donorfy is how straightforward it is. It took some time to figure out what kind of lists we needed to use, but once we had the logic, it’s just three standard lists to make it all happen.” Jonas concludes.


An integrated solution

Here's a selection of the integrations the busy team are using to save time.

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Cultivating a Greener Future Through Donor Engagement

We’re pleased to say they’re seeing a big difference with Donorfy. Their innovative use of the system has elevated their ability to easily showcase the impact of contributions and build long-term relationships with their supporters.

Strong Community of Nature Conservators

The “Min Natur” website has been a resounding and inspirational success, with around 36% of their 9,000 monthly donors using the platform - all informed and engaged about how their contribution is making a difference. Jonas emphasises:

Monthly donors are amazing and we want to keep them! Donors who use ‘Min Natur’ feel connected and informed about their contributions, and feel like we’re all in this together. It gives extra value, and they’re reminded of how important their support is.”

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Donors appreciate the traceability, knowing exactly where their hard-earned money is going, which strengthens trust and loyalty. Jonas highlights:

Donorfy has enabled us to be open about our operations. For us in the fundraising department, Donorfy is the heart, as it enables us to use our money correctly.”

In summary, their innovative use of Donorfy CRM showcases how the right technology can enhance transparency, improve donor engagement and streamline operations. By providing a clear view of the impact of donations and fostering a strong community of supporters, Den Danske Naturfond continues to make significant strides in protecting Denmark's natural environment.

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Hear Jonas, and Julie from For Lige Vilkår, reflect on the benefits of Donorfy.

Jonas Arboe Harild
CRM Manager & Fundraiser

With Donorfy, we have the tools to not only manage our fundraising more efficiently but also to connect with our donors in a meaningful way, showing them the real impact of their generosity.

Jenny Slater
Business Development Manager

Den Danske Naturfond use Donorfy really innovatively, and it’s brilliant to see how they’re making the impact of their fundraising more transparent for donors. It’s so simple, but so effective. We’re looking forward to seeing what they continue to achieve!

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