MAST are heavy hitters in the CRM department. As founding Partners of Donorfy, they've implemented more Donorfy databases than we've had hot dinners.

They usually work with Enterprise charities, migrating large data sets and and cooking up custom integrations.


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How can they help?


Custom Integrations

Donorfy fully integrated with your other systems, improving efficiency

Professional Services

Scope a large implementation project or ask for specific piece of work within your Donorfy


Bespoke Donorfy training for your team on any area of your Donorfy

Reporting & Data Visualisation

Create the reports and dashboards you need to track your progress towards your goals

MAST Integrations

Integrate and Innovate


Easily manage your Sterling lottery, or pick up your latest WooCommerce or Shopify orders - synced directly with Donorfy. 

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Testimonials for Mast


Freya Whereat
CRM & Data Insight Lead

Mast’s expertise was invaluable in our migration to Donorfy.  They acted like true partners, and on top of detailed technical knowledge of the system, their input on our general procedures and processes has helped us to improve the way we work. 

Joanne Hatton
Enterprise Systems Manager

Everyone trusts the work that Mast does, so if they say we have to do something a certain way, then people are happy to work with that. It shows that they have the kind of backing and trust across the team to make change happen.

Robin Vincent

Without a doubt, MAST ICT have accelerated the process of launching this system by at least 6 months. The alternative would have been to employ someone permanently to be an expert in this area and this would have driven up our costs.

Rob Parkin
CRM Manager

Our requirements are quite complex and MAST’s experience is brilliant. They do 90% of the legwork. They know charities like the back of their hands, which makes it so much easier, as they’ll think of the things that people internally aren’t really thinking about. They can find a solution to anything. 

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