Own Azure

From December 4th 2023 the Own Azure option will not be available. 

Going forward, your own Private Database will can be hosted by Donorfy, rather than in your Own Azure environment, and as part of the our Enterprise package.

The information on this page is only applicable to customers using the Own Azure service before this time.

Best of Both Worlds

If you want the benefits of true Software-as-a-Service AND the flexibility and power that managing your own dedicated database can provide, you need Donorfy’s Own Azure service. Unique to Donorfy, Own Azure enables you to host your data in your own dedicated Azure SQL database, which unlocks a range of benefits.

Why opt for Own Azure?
  • OA is not obligatory, but it provides some compelling advantages for those that need them, including:

  • Control over performance - take control of database performance for higher data volumes or seasonal demand.

  • Control over backups - Donorfy takes a daily backup anyway, but with OA you can take control over frequency.

  • Create custom Accounts Downloads - Donorfy provides standard accounts integrations, but OA enables custom accounts downloads.

  • Create custom List Views containing the fields your users need.

  • Choice of data residency in Azure data centres around the world.

  • Direct, secure access to the backend SQL data views for high performance querying over large datasets.

  • Ability to commission pen testing on your database. Note that Donorfy still performs pen testing on the app.

And you retain all the benefits of a cloud-based solution such as automatic upgrades and no IT concerns. Please note: Own Azure is included in the Enterprise plan.

Own Azure Pricing


If you are a new Donorfy client, the Own Azure setup fee for a new implementation of Donorfy is £300+VAT, and is billed as part of your Donorfy implementation project.

If you currently have Donorfy in the shared environment, the setup fee for migrating it into a new Own Azure environment is £800+VAT.

Donorfy Own Azure subscription

The Donorfy Own Azure subscription is included in Donorfy Enterprise. This covers the additional costs of ensuring that you get the benefits of using a Software-as-a-Service application while using your own dedicated database hosting. Such as the seamless deployment of regular upgrades without down time, and service monitoring.

Please note this is in addition to the main Donorfy subscription which is billed according the number of constituents you have in your database - see pricing page for more info. It is also in addition to you Azure subscription to Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure subscription for your dedicated database, and sponsorship

Your dedicated Azure SQL database is a “resource” in your Azure account. The cost depends on the spec. Please contact us to get a quote. Microsoft’s non-profit sponsorship for Azure normally neutralises the cost so it’s effectively free charge. The sponsorship is renewable annually. Please note that the Microsoft Azure Sponsorship can only be used for the Microsoft Azure resources to which you subscribe, it cannot be used for the Donorfy or Donorfy Own Azure subscriptions.



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