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Use your own azure subscription

Donorfy runs on Microsoft Azure in a shared infrastructure. That keeps the costs down and means you don’t have to worry about the IT.

However, you can elect to come out of the shared Donorfy infrastructure into your own dedicated Azure space, which opens up all kinds of benefits:

  • Scalability - take control of database performance for higher data volumes or seasonal demand.

  • Control over backup, and ability to restore to a point in time, using Azure SQL Backup services.

  • Choice of Azure data centre.

  • Direct, secure access to the SQL Server database using SQL Server tools.

  • Much more flexibility with reporting and analysis of data.

  • Ability to add datasets, and create advanced integrations and automations.

  • Access to other Azure services.

And you retain all the usual Donorfy benefits such as automated upgrades and constituent-based pricing.


Using your own Azure subscription incurs an additional Donorfy subscription of £49/mo plus VAT for up to 30,000 constituents. Above that it’s included in your Donorfy subscription.

You will also incur additional subscriptions direct from Microsoft for the resources your require in your Azure account (for Donorfy this is just an Azure SQL database). However, as a nonprofit you can claim Sponsorship each year from Microsoft which can effectively make those Azure subscriptions free of charge.

Click below to apply for the Microsoft Azure nonprofit sponsorship:

Already got an Azure subscription? Contact us.


Please note:

  • Own Azure is only available on the Professional plan.

  • Apart from the Azure subscription (which can be covered for the first year by the Microsoft Sponsorship programme), an additional Donorfy subscription applies - please see the pricing page for full information.