Build it together

Built by fundraisers, for fundraisers, Donorfy is developed for your unique needs as a charity. Work never stops; we believe in ‘building it together’ with our users. 


Transforming Your Fundraising Together


We’re always listening to feedback and adding new features that make your life easier.

Product development is based on four key principles:


Donorfy is a true, multi-tenanted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which enables us to provide rich features at a reasonable price.


Specialist fundraising CRM that simplifies and automates complex business processes, and with the functional depth to help organisations grow


Intuitive, easy to use, without unncecessary complexity. Reducing the need for training. Self-help support and learning.


No technology is an island; to be the best fundraising CRM there is, our system must integrate with other best-of-breed solutions.

Development Process: Stage 1


There are numerous sources of inspiration for the ongoing development of Donorfy:

  • Customers - we love to hear what customers think we should do next

  • Developments in the world of fundraising

  • Integrations with complementary services/apps used by our market

  • Our own ideas for strategic direction

  • Developments in technology, especially in Microsoft Azure

  • Prospective customers - opportunities for new features

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Donorfy Support - feedback, recurring themes, bugs

  • Donorfy Partners - feedback from onboarding / training

Suggestions are recorded, grouped into themes, considered and either approved for entry into the backlog for development or categorised as “not planned”. This process happens on a quarterly basis.

Suggestions are not guaranteed to make it into the product. The requirement behind the suggestion may be met in other ways. The backlog is subject to change and is not a contractual commitment.


Development Process

Software Development

Approved items go into the design stage, which is where we decide how it’s going to work and what it will look like.

Once the design has evolved sufficiently to the point that it can be shown or explained to someone else, we often invite customers and partners to review it and provide feedback. This often raises questions that we hadn’t thought of and usually improves the end product.

They are broken down into bite-sized pieces (called user stories) which enable the software developers to plan the coding required for each user story to make the feature available.

The throughput of user stories is managed using a methodology called Kanban which controls the process by which stories are initiated, coded, tested and released.


Development Process


An update to Donorfy is released. Users are made aware of significant new features by our blog, our newsletter and announcements on the Donorfy login page.

Where appropriate, our Partners provide training services too.


Charities that Do More with Donorfy

Read what our incredible community of charities are saying about Donorfy.

Alexandra Haswell: Fundraising Manager
Norfolk and Waveney Mind

It’s great to work with a team who are personable and knowledgeable about the type of CRM system charities need. They're always willing to listen to new ideas and are helpful with challenges that we face.

Chris: Fundraiser
L'Arche UK

We transferred our database from another CRM system to Donorfy a year ago. We have been really pleased with the functionality of Donorfy: it has been more intuitive and easy to use, with superior search and reporting features.

Emma Carter: Head of Fundraising
Air Ambulances UK

The team was excellent at virtually holding our hands throughout the whole process, answering any questions we had, supporting us with the journey and being patient when we needed to recap things!

Rachel Hogg: Communications Manager
The Benjamin Foundation

We are really pleased with Donorfy. It’s a great for helping us to manage our relationships and communications with supporters. The Donorfy team are all incredibly friendly and helpful too. We are happy to be part of the Donorfy family!

Roy Stannard: Head of Income & Communications
Off The Fence Trust

The team have been a delightful introduction to Donorfy. Patient, well resourced and great communicators, they've made the transition a smooth one; we can already see many ways of streamlining our operation as a result. The great users support group has been a bonus. Thoroughly recommended.

Charlie Fraser
Back Up Trust

Really easy to use, I particularly rate the Lists function and the ability to upload to Excel.

Eric Knibbs
ATD Fourth World UK

Donorfy is an easy to use system, that is a good way forward for charities to keep track of membership and supporters. The search functions are easy to use, with the results easy to share with those who need to see the results. I would wholeheartedly recommend Donorfy to anyone who needs the services that they can offer.

Lisbet Christoffersen
Børns Vilkår

The Donorfy team deliver strategic input, huge knowledge about fundraising, trust and safety.

Ali Durban
Gesher School

Donorfy is every fundraiser’s intelligent resource. It is very user friendly and knowledge bank is full of practical support.

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