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Product development

Donorfy is under continuous development. New features, integrations, usability improvements, compatibility updates and bug fixes are rolled out monthly. We manage the development of Donorfy to ensure that it maintains and strengthens its unique position in the market by remaining true to its design principles, which are:

  • Affordable - by designing it as a multi-tenanted software-as-a-service application it is relatively inexpensive to run. But this is not at the expense of a rich feature set.

  • Powerful - it is built-for-purpose charity CRM that simplifies and automates the complex business processes that charities have, and has the functional depth that growing organisations require.

  • Easy to use - the UI is easy to understand, and unlike software products of previous generations it is not endlessly configurable and complex.

  • Integrated and integratable - Donorfy is focused on its purpose - being the best charity CRM available - and has built-in integrations with other best-of-breed solutions such as Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Stripe and GoCardless.


There are numerous sources of inspiration for the ongoing development of Donorfy:

  • Customers - via the feature request and voting page

  • Developments in the world of fundraising and payments

  • Integrations with complementary services/apps used by our market

  • Our own ideas for strategic direction

  • Developments in technology, especially in Microsoft Azure

  • Prospective customers - opportunities for new features

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Donorfy Support - feedback, recurring themes, bugs

  • Donorfy Partners - feedback from onboarding / training

Suggestions are recorded, grouped into themes, considered and either approved for entry into the backlog for development or categorised as “not planned”. This process happens on a quarterly basis.

Suggestions are not guaranteed to make it into the product. The requirement behind the suggestion may be met in other ways. The backlog is subject to change and is not a contractual commitment.

Software development

Approved items go into the design stage, which is where we decide how it’s going to work and what it will look like.

Once the design has evolved sufficiently to the point that it can be shown or explained to someone else, we often invite customers and partners to review it and provide feedback. This often raises questions that we hadn’t thought of and usually improves the end product.

They are broken down into bite-sized pieces (called user stories) which enable the software developers to plan the coding required for each user story to make the feature available.

The throughput of user stories is managed using a methodology called Kanban which controls the process by which stories are initiated, coded, tested and released.


An update to Donorfy is released. Users are made aware of significant new features by our blog, our newsletter and announcements on the Donorfy login page. Where appropriate our Partners provide training services.