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We love small charities - you're the reason Donorfy was created. Small charities have formed the largest part of our user-base for over a decade.

Whether you’re scrambling with spreadsheets, or outgrowing an outdated system, Donorfy has everything your small charity needs to thrive - from Starter to lay your CRM foundations, to Professional to power your growth and scale.

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Why Donorfy's a trusted choice

Transparent pricing

What you see, is what you get - pricing is always upfront and honest. No hidden extras or surprises, you know the true cost from the start. 

Easy to use

Donorfy has been designed by fundraisers, for fundraisers. You don’t need prior CRM experience to use it effectively, or an in-house data manager.

We understand small charities

You wear many hats - and we get it. Our team understand your challenges and speak your language, because many are from a small charity background themselves.

Strong community

Our community are a lovely and experienced bunch! You can expand your network of fellow sole-fundraisers and small teams, who all use Donorfy too, free of charge.

Free Academy

Whether you're just starting out or a data whizz, our dedicated Academy offers free training, personal development and certifications at no additional cost.

Expert implementation

Our in-house implementation and configuration experts can get you up and running in no time, building you a future-proof solution that's tailored to your needs.

Game-changing features

Gift Aid made easy

Gift Aid is an important income stream for small charities. The Donorfy integration with HMRC automatically compiles and collects your Gift Aid, saving you time and hassle.

Automated thanking

Automatically send thank-you messages! Managing these acknowledgements is a breeze, helping you maintain great relationships with your supporters.

Stats from the start

Ready to go from day one! Gain insights into income performance, ROI, and a diverse range of metrics you just can't get from spreadsheets.

From spreadsheets to CRM success

case studies

care4wild image
Care for Wild (UK)

How Care for Wild (UK) accelerated growth by switching from spreadsheets.

Migrated from: Spreadsheets
Constituents: 1,000 +

Switchboard LGBTQIA +

How Switchboard ditched spreadsheet stress and streamlined fundraising.

Migrated from: Spreadsheets
Constituents: 2,000 +

Youth Talk

How Youth Talk propelled growth and raised an extra £20,000 in under a year.

Migrated from: Spreadsheets
Constituents: 2,000 +

Integrations to get you started

  • How do I get buy in from decision makers?

    There's plenty of reasons having a CRM is beneficial for small charities - but everyone needs to be sure it's the right decision. These are the core reasons most of our first-time customers join us. Donorfy:

    • supports you to raise more funds long term - notably through Gift Aid and improved stewardship.
    • saves staff time and improves efficiency - and that equals time and money saved!
    • gives you confidence and reassurance in GDPR/data protection compliance.
    • supports you to scale.

      You can read more here.
  • We're not a registered charity yet, can we use Donorfy?

    Absolutely! Donorfy works brilliantly for CICs, community groups, or anyone else who undertakes fundraising. You can book a call with the team to talk through your needs.

  • We don't have budget for implementation support, can we still use Donorfy?

    Of course! You can successfully implement and configure Donorfy yourself, though this does require dedicated internal time and resources to do so. There are many resources available to help, like Donorfy Academy courses and our extensive Knowledge Base. A member of the team will happily discuss all available onboarding options with you.

  • Do I need Donorfy Professional?

    That depends on your needs. Donorfy Professional is designed for charities looking to accelerate growth and fundraise at scale. There are benefits to going Pro, such as marketing integrations like MailChimp, and specialist tools for managing more complex donor pipelines (like your trusts and foundations). Our team can talk the plans through with you in detail, and help you decide which fits you best.

Hear from other small charities


Neil video Cover


Central and North West London NHS

"There are many NHS charities of a similar size, from a donation and income perspective, that it would work well for."

Bob Video Cover


Switchboard LGBTQIA+

"For a long time it was difficult to track data, so having somewhere central now has been incredibly valuable."

John Larkin Cover


RFU Injured Players Foundation

"We've been building our constituents and our data set, and are seeing a real boost in income from them."

Bob Hughes
Fundraising Manager

Donorfy has given us a lot of stability and a focused place for data. Now we have somewhere stable for all information to exist in, we can build on that, and really grow from that.

Rachel Cruz
Development Director

We get a lot of income through fundraising pages, and it would easily be a full time job for someone to manage that. Using Donorfy to automate admin saves countless hours.

Emily Richland
Fundraising Assistant

Donorfy has helped us streamline fundraising data a lot more, track our income better, and budget and forecast better. It’s been great to have one central management system everyone can use with all information in one place.

Amy Walker
Operations Manager

It has now been a few months since we finished the official implementation stage and Donorfy has significantly improved the way we work by automating processes and allowing us to communicate with our supporters better.

Jane Griffin
Senior Fundraising Manager

It was unexpected to find a tool as rich as Donorfy for such a reasonable price. We pulled together information from across our organisation and imported it, linked it up to external apps  and started making real use of Donorfy's functionality in just a few weeks.

Alexandra Haswell
Norfolk and Waveney Mind

It's great to work with people who are personable and knowledgeable about the type of CRM system charities need. Always willing to listen to new ideas and are helpful with the challenges we face. 

Built by fundraisers, for fundraisers

We're not just a company, we're a community - our people and values are what truly sets us apart.