Facebook & Instagram giving tools

Social fundraising alongside all your other fundraising activity
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Grow your fundraising with Facebook and Instagram

Meta Integration

Facebook’s giving tools represent a huge opportunity for charities to grow income with direct donations, birthday fundraisers and the like. Until now it has not been easy to obtain and manage that information let alone relate to your fundraisers and donors. Donorfy’s integration now gives you the tools to manage Facebook and Instagram giving in one easy to use place, making it easy to track donors and their donations, to find out more about them and maximise your fundraising now and in the future.

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Manage your Fundraisers and Donate buttons

Build relationships

Review the progress of all of your fundraisers and donate buttons in one place. Thank and encourage your fundraisers by clicking through to their wall and leaving them a suitable message.

Gather more info about your fundraisers with easy to use Forms.

Set defaults for the Campaign, Fund etc overall and per fundraiser or donate button.

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All of your fundraising in one place

Integrated solution

This feature is powerful on its own, but Donorfy offers more than just Facebook giving tools integration. It provides tools for your to manage all forms of fundraising, so you can see Facebook fundraising activity alongside all the other ways they have supported you in the past - such as their JustGiving pages, general donations and volunteering.

Which means Donorfy can be your single, central source of how they engage with your organisation means you can communicate with them more effectively, and deepen your organisation’s relationship with them.

Donations are included in the Gift Aid claim (Professional plan feature) for those donors who ticked the Gift Aid box. Communication consent is also captured. And all the fundraising data can be integrated with your finance system.

Step 1: Get set up

Add a Donate button to your Page, posts and streams.

Step 2: Promote

Donations and fundraisers start to accumulate.

Step 3: View Income

Import donations; track, encourage and thank your fundraisers.

Revolutionise your relationship with donors.

Donorfy features, automations and integrations give you the power to build beautiful seamless supporter journeys.