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Donorfy is not just a company with a mission to serve the third sector, but is on a mission to change it.

Once again, in 2023, all our plans are focused on helping good causes to do even more of what matters.

We know that the more efficient and effective your fundraising CRM, and all its integrated tools are, then the more good causes can advance to increase their own impact to make the world better and fairer. That's why our Purpose, to help charities do more of what matters, drives all our decision making at Donorfy.

Rewind 60 years ago to 1962, when President Kennedy visited the NASA Space centre to view the progress of America's space programme. As we now know, it was this ambitious and ultimately successful space programme that sent the first human to walk on the moon in 1969. There are many reasons why the programme succeeded, however, key to its success has often been seen as the clarity of purpose and the belief in that purpose by all involved. Everyone at NASA understood the mission to be achieved, and where their role fitted in that big picture.

During the NASA visit, Kennedy met various people, including a janitor at NASA. Kennedy asked him what his role was, and he replied “I’m helping put a man on the moon, Mr President”. The janitor, like everyone involved, clearly understood the mission and this drove every decision made.

Reflecting on 2022

Our business model at Donorfy is to reinvest as much as possible to improve both the product and our customers overall experience with Donorfy. In keeping with this approach, let’s take a moment to celebrate what we achieved together in 2022.

  • The acquisition of DonorCare Solutions has helped us better serve our customers in several ways. We now offer a simple in-house onboarding program, enabling our customers to start getting more value from their Donorfy CRM sooner.

  • In October, we launched our new Donorfy Academy. With the strains of a tougher economy to navigate, Donorfy has placed an emphasis on ensuring everyone has access to first-rate training material. Helping you get the most out of your Donorfy to enhance your fundraising operations.

Donorfy has always placed a primary focus on developing the best fundraising CRM for the charity sector. We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers ask for, as well as keeping a close eye on what’s happening in the world around us. In keeping with that, we released a number of key features including:

  • Updates to the consent area which includes the ability to use legitimate interest with channels.

  • To help provide clearer visibility of a supporter’s engagement with the charity. Pinned Tags were introduced onto the constituent record.

  • While the world is becoming more digital, we haven’t forgotten about some key processes that many charities still undertake. That’s why we developed the ability to create Word documents via a Donorfy trigger. Helping to automate some old school tasks.

  • Helping those generous donors feel more connected to the respective cause is now more important than ever, that’s why we produced a Membership Management facility.

  • While pledges existed previously, we listened to your feedback and updated Pledges to display on the Constituent Timeline. So that they now reside with the other engagement records for each constituent.

  • Freeing you up to do more of what matters resonates through our dedicated team every day. The introduction of the Dotdigital integration is very much in keeping with that theme.

Fast forward to 2023

We have raised the bar even higher. This year, we have even more new features planned, a clear roadmap for helping to ensure our customers success, as well as building upon the foundations laid last year within the Donorfy Academy.

So, with our team fully focused on helping good causes do even more in 2023, here is a sneak peak of just some of the exciting plans we have for the next twelve months.

  • We have our Enthuse integration well underway and due to be released during the first half of this year.

  • The Donorfy Academy achieved lift off in 2022, and we’ll be introducing more live training courses and on-demand video tutorials throughout the year.

  • We’ll be releasing some planned improvements to Lists to help with reporting and segmenting your supporters. There will be other small incremental improvements to existing functionality such as Forms and the File Uploader.

  • Ensuring the stability and security of your supporter data is of paramount important to us, that’s why we will be updating the underlying infrastructure of Donorfy. Keeping the technology secure and up to date.

  • While providing first-rate tools is our primary goal, another major focus for Donorfy is to ensure our customers understand how to get the most out of them. In 2023, our energised Customer Success team will be checking in on our customers, to make sure you have all the help you need to be successful.

  • We know that you are busier than ever, so we are introducing more convenient methods for getting in touch with our team. So you can get access to the help when you need it faster.

  • Remembering what our customers do is what brings us joy in building Donorfy together. We are therefore excited to host our Donorfy Together Conference. This will be taking place at 150 London Wall, Barbican (formerly Museum of London) on the 18th May 2023. Buy your tickets now!

We hope you are all as excited as we are for the new year ahead. We’ll be keeping you posted on our progress via the Donorfy newsletter. As always, you can reach out to our team at for more information.


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