Donorfy: The Story

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Ten years ago, in the bustling world of software development, Ben Brett and Robin Fisk had a brilliant idea … 

But first, who are Ben and Robin? As of today; two seasoned software veterans, who’ve been providing CRM for charities for over 25 years. Their first venture into fundraising technology, Fisk Brett, took root in 1990. While they initially worked with banks, breweries and a local conservation charity, it wasn’t long before more charities were asking for their help. 

That help came in the form of ProgressCRM, a donor database they specifically designed to support the work of nonprofits. The benefits quickly caught on and, as their reputation grew, so did their desire to keep offering affordable, world-class technology. In 2008, Fisk Brett joined forces with ASI, where they continued working with some of the world’s most respected charities.

But, something was brewing. The emergence of cloud technology began paving the way for a better way of doing things, and they were keen to build a new solution that was “fit for the 21st century”. Their grand vision? A CRM system that enabled charities to spend less time wrestling with clunky, on-site systems and more time doing what they do best - changing the world.

Doing a Charity CRM Differently

So, how could they stop charity staff dreading Mondays? Was it really possible to create a cloud-based solution that saved precious time, streamlined supporter journeys and integrated seamlessly with other platforms? Luckily, the answer was yes. The answer was Donorfy.

From its 2014 beginnings, it wasn't just another piece of software; it was a tool that fundraisers could get real value from - because it was built by fundraisers. Engineered for small - medium sized organisations initially, Donorfy wasn’t built in isolation; it was shaped with feedback and insights from clients like Splash and the St Martin in the Fields campaign – who are still with us today.

Not Just a Company; A Community Built on Values

What truly sets Donorfy apart isn't just the software and its longevity – it's our people and values. We've grown from two pals to a tight-knit team of almost thirty. We put real thought into who joins Donorfy; we hire people with a charity background that we believe in, so you can believe in them too. Our collective experience isn't just days of ad-hoc voluntary work either, working in the charity sector formed part of our careers. In fact, as of January 2024, the team has well over 100 years collective experience in the sector. 

When you choose Donorfy, you’re not just getting software creators; we're your proud partners in making a difference. 

Our online approach has always set us apart too - we’ve been remote since before it was cool. We're not just a cloud-based platform; we're a cloud-based business. That means we're greener, simpler and more cost-effective. No fixed-location overhead means we can make Donorfy as affordable as possible for you, our charities.

Where Are We Now?

We've hit some exciting milestones along the way. We reached our goal of serving 1,000 charities, and we're well on our way to 2,000. We’re fast-approaching our 10 year anniversary in March 2024, have been joined by the talented team from DonorCare and our growth continues despite headwinds.

Today, we have three main departments at Donorfy: Product Development, Business Development and Customer Success.

Our product speaks for itself – it's expertly designed and programmed by the code titans and testers in Product Development. Our Business Development team is here to help you understand the benefits and make sure it's the right fit for you. Last but not least, our Customer Success team is dedicated to looking after you every step of the way once you join us, helping you maximise your use of Donorfy - and your impact.

Our team extends beyond our (virtual) walls too. We have a whole host of fantastic implementation partners, like MAST, Nahira and Daniel Raphael Consulting, that can help charities migrate, configure and make the most of Donorfy.

To sum it up, we believe in Dolly Parton's wise words: "Find out who you are. And do it on purpose." 

We're not here to boast about our success; we measure it by the impact you make. When you succeed, we succeed. From protecting wildlife at risk, to providing services that save lives, the impact our community of charities has is undeniable, and we're proud to play a small part in that journey.

Our aim hasn’t changed since the business began and it’s continuing to fuel our future; we exist to give you more time, better tools and the freedom to do more of what truly matters – your mission.

Features for how you fundraise

Save time, save effort, do more.

Donorfy has a sophisticated and powerful set of features to support all types of fundraising.