Making the Move: From Fundraising to Donorfy Business Development

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Gizem joined Donorfy’s Business Development team in August 2022 ...

I’ve been a fundraiser for 13 years, and I’ve worked across a range of different charities, and lots of different roles. From events and community fundraising to corporate and individual giving. I loved working within charities to help them continue their incredible work. One of my last roles was Partnerships Manager at a small charity, who moved to Donorfy from another CRM. I absolutely loved being a fundraiser, but after so many years, I did start to wonder if I needed a different challenge. A role where I could still stay connected to the Third Sector and make a difference but also test my skills in a new environment.

That’s when I came across the job advert from Donorfy for a new Business Development Manager. Yes, I’d thought I could go into sales but I’d done fundraising all my life, would I be any good? I loved working in the Third Sector; working to make the world a better place. Did I really want to leave that? But then again, the Business Development Manager role didn’t sound like what I thought a “typical” sales job would be like. The job ad emphasised team working, relationship building and integrity. 

When we moved from our old CRM to Donorfy, we had a great experience with Jenny from the Business Development team. What stood out for us is that Donorfy wasn't pushy at all. We found them very friendly and helpful; and focused entirely on making it a good move for us as a charity. I’d used Donorfy already in my role and loved all the time it saved us and the clunky processes it simplified for us. 

So I applied! Why not?! It was worth the interview experience, if nothing else.

First call I had with the team reassured me that this would be a good job for me. I loved the company culture and how friendly they were. They really wanted to learn about me as a person beyond what I have done in a particular work-related situation. What a breath of fresh air!

My second interview was equally great. Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous because at this point I really, really wanted the job! Yet, I felt I could be completely myself. Again, I knew I would fit very well with these lovely people. So I was over the moon when I got the call and was offered the job!

Now six months later, I can tell you, I still absolutely love my job. I love working with the Business Development team and the wider Donorfy colleagues. Everyone is so supportive and committed to helping our customers. 

But it’s more than just the people. Here is why I love working as a Business Development Manager at Donorfy:

  • No two days are the same! This one will sound similar if you’ve ever worked in fundraising. One day I have a big demo with a large prospect, other days I have lots of chats or occasionally I’m busy completing tender documents.

  • I get to meet wonderful people! Again similar to fundraising, I meet new people all the time, mostly fundraisers or volunteers from great causes and get to help them with their CRM needs. 

  • Learning is constant! I learn all the time, whether it’s new features of Donorfy or a new piece of software that integrates with Donorfy or something specific a prospect wants to do if they signed up. There is always something new to learn, practice and perfect.

  • Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do at Donorfy. We support each other as a team, we learn from each other, we inspire each other. The company culture is wonderful, we work hard but we work together and never against each other.

  • I’m still very close to the Third Sector. I get involved in fundraising events, I keep an eye on the developments in the sector. But what’s best is I get to help not one, but lots of charities make the world a better place by helping them make the most of their data by switching to Donorfy.

And here is a challenge, because let’s face it, nothing is perfect! Business Development is a really fast-paced working environment. It can be incredibly busy on certain days and it takes a lot to juggle so many competing deadlines and priorities. This is a challenge that also helps us achieve our targets as a team and bring new charities on to the Donorfy family. 

All in all, I can’t be happier that I made the leap and joined Donorfy.

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