Getting Started with Microsoft Technology Grants and Discounts for UK Charities

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At Donorfy, we understand the challenges and opportunities that charities face every day - that's why we wanted to share how your organisation can leverage Microsoft’s technology grants and discounts to amplify your impact. Let's dive into how you can get started with these great resources.

Why Microsoft for Nonprofits?

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible technology to help charities of all sizes achieve their mission. Whether you're looking to enhance your cybersecurity, move more to the cloud or develop mobile and web apps, Microsoft has solutions tailored just for charities. 

Popular Grants and Discounts

  1. Microsoft 365 and Teams: Your staff and volunteers can work from anywhere with Microsoft 365 and Teams. These tools are free for up to 10 users (with additional users at a discounted rate)
  2. Azure Grant for Nonprofits: Support your move to the cloud with $2,000 in Azure service credits per year. Use your Azure grant to access the full portfolio of Azure products and cloud services.
  3. Power Apps: Develop mobile and web apps without technical expertise. Power Apps is free for up to 10 users (with additional users at a discounted rate)

Before applying, it's important to review the eligibility criteria to ensure your charity qualifies for these grants and discounts. You can find the guidelines here: Nonprofits Grants & Credits Eligibility | Microsoft Nonprofits.

How to Get Started

Getting started is simple and the application process only takes about 10 minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Pre-check Eligibility: Start with the quick pre-check to confirm your charity’s eligibility for Nonprofit offers.
  2. Apply for your Grants and Discounts: Once you’ve completed the pre-check, you can apply for your grants and discounts.
  3. Confirmation: Wait for the confirmation email from Microsoft and provide any additional information or clarification, if requested.

Prefer to discuss your options first? Contact the Microsoft Tech for Social Impact team.

Peer Support and Community

You could join the Microsoft Nonprofit Community to connect with Microsoft experts, partners and fellow charities globally. Here, you’ll receive peer support, learning resources, mentoring and funding opportunities.

Craig Parker, Strategic Partnership Lead at Microsoft, emphasises, “We’re working with the most innovative software organisations, allowing us to build important partnerships that increase impact for great causes in the UK and beyond. It’s a pleasure to support the incredible work of good causes with access to our technology and resources.”

As technology providers ourselves, we naturally believe in the power of technology to transform the charity sector. Ben Twyman, CCO at Donorfy, shares, “Harnessing the right technology can elevate a charity’s ability to make a difference. Microsoft’s grants and discounts are great resources for any charity looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency from their operations.”

Keen to discuss your options? Contact the Microsoft Tech for Social Impact team today.


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