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Another integration to love, with MuchLoved and Donorfy.

MuchLoved is the leading platform for donation and fundraising management for in-memoriam giving. A popular platform in the sector, many Donorfy customers hold accounts.

Until now, data officers and fundraising managers had no choice but to manually export and 
import their giving data between the two platforms, eating up precious resource and opening 
the margins of error.

That's why we're thrilled to announce a new Charity Toolkit integration, developed by certified Donorfy Partner Andi Best. The automation is available now, offering some huge benefits to charities:

  • Seamless Automation: After the initial (free) setup, handled remotely by Charity Toolkit, the integration will run totally hands-off, freeing up your time and attention. Data from MuchLoved will begin flowing into Donorfy as soon as it's hooked up. We can even start that flow from a date in the past to ensure nothing gets missed off.
  • Efficient Constituent Management: The integration will identify known Constituents in Donorfy or will create new ones if they don't yet exist. It also updates records with new personal data if applicable and ensures communication preferences are set up accordingly. 
  • Detailed Donation Tracking: Donation transactions are appended to Constituent Timelines as you'd expect (individually, not in bulk), and we also handle Tribute data by way of creating Beneficiary connected Constituents. MuchLoved’s "Cover our costs" allocation is also included to the Transaction as part of the integration payload.
  • Gift Aid Management: MuchLoved also handles your Gift Aid claims, so we ensure we gets synced won’t accidentally fall into the Donorfy claim a second time, but is available for List reporting in Donorfy.
  • Transparency and Accountability: For full disclosure and house-keeping purposes, each Transaction also generates a custom Activity on the Timeline that documents the data transfer, including successes and failures.
  • Plus: Baked in are some failsafes; in cases where we don’t have all the data needed to 
    reconcile cleanly, dummy entities are generated that we can attribute these transactions to, ensuring data is never lost or ignored.

Additionally, whilst subscribed to a Charity Toolkit service, customer support is available from a dedicated member of the team as standard.

How does it work?

Check out this short explainer video:


For pricing information, availability and queries about the data specifics, take a look at the Charity Toolkit webpage to reach out to Andi directly.



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