You can now integrate Access Charity Websites with Donorfy

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Maybe you built your website using Raising IT, or maybe you built your website using Access Charity Websites after they acquired Raising IT.

Despite who owned the platform at the time, you built your website to perfection, gave your organisation the online presence it needed and watched with delight as your Appeals ramped up support for your organisation.

For CRM resource, you elected Donorfy - a smart move indeed. The features in Donorfy surpass most other charity CRM systems on the market and its integration capabilities are certainly not to be sniffed at. The only problem is, historically, Access has been a tough nut to crack. As walled-gardens go theirs was fairly impregnable - none of the typical Donorfy tools could access (ha!) the data on the inside and integration of any kind was impossible. That is until recently. In early 2023 the teams at Access and Donorfy began deliberating the potential for developing protocols that would facilitate integration. My Charity Toolkit programme was looped into these developments and before long, my team and I had constructed the solution.

The Charity Toolkit Access to Donorfy integration is an automated subscription-based service that collects donation and donor data in Access and seamlessly transmits it to Donorfy at regular, automatic intervals; totally absolving you from the need to engage Excel, downloads and Donorfy's uploader, you can now sit back and observe the integration at work.

For each donation that Access receives, the integration will match an existing Constituent in Donorfy using the confidence score matrix, or will create a new Constituent if a suitable one can't be found. The donor's latest Gift Aid status and communication preferences captured by Access are also carried through, and donations are matched to Campaigns where possible. We've also built some fail-safes into the integration, so if it's not possible to reconcile a Constituent or their transaction data, dummy equivalents are engaged so that nothing disappears into the ether.

What about reporting? Is it easy to segregate Access activity from other Donorfy transactions?

Absolutely - with every donation imported, a report in the form of an Activity is appended to the Constituent's timeline outlining exactly what data was transmitted, what changes may have occurred (to names, addresses, phone numbers etc.) and whether the transmission was a complete success or partial failure. This full transparency makes debugging straight forward if ever there's a discrepancy and you need to engage with the Charity Toolkit support team.

For more information and to start using the integration, visit the Charity Services page on Andi Best's website.

You can also check out a Donorfy Academy video about the integration.


 For four years, we have been looking for a more efficient means of drawing off the data we get with donations from our Access website onto Donorfy. Andi Best’s integration is helping us achieve this.

- Chris Asprey, L'arche


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