Announcing Triggers - The Powerful Automation Tool for Donorfy

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Ever wished you could get email notifications when donations come in? Automate this and other repetitive tasks in Donorfy using Triggers. Such as:


When a donation of £500 or more arrives → notify the Chief Exec.

When someone applies to be a volunteer → update Donorfy and initiate an automated sequence of emails

When a new application for one of our London Marathon places comes in → post a message in the #events channel in Slack and create an Activity in Donorfy so that we can monitor and progress their application

When a new member joins from Brighton → send them a welcome email from the Brighton area rep

When… [anything] happens in Donorfy… → do [something] automatically so I don’t have to remember to do it…


The Triggers feature in Donorfy - available on all plans - allows you to automate processes like these, freeing you up to do more of what matters.

What is a Trigger?

A trigger = an automation. Easy to set up, a trigger comprises:

  1. a trigger type - such as “a new Transaction has been created”

  2. a condition - such as £500 or more

  3. one or more actions - such as “send and email the Chief Exec”; “enrol the donor in an automated sequence of emails” and so on

What do they look like?

Admins and data managers can set them up and monitor them in Donorfy, in the Data Management section.


Check out the Triggers section of the Knowledge Base for a complete list of trigger types, conditions and actions.

How much?

Nothing. Triggers are included in Donorfy as standard:

  • Donorfy Essentials - up to 3 triggers can be configured

  • Donorfy Professional - unlimited triggers can be configured

Want to get started?

The getting started guide in the Knowledge Base walks you through the steps to create your first trigger.


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