Introducing Facebook Giving Tools Integration for Donorfy

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It’s here!

The much anticipated integration of Facebook’s giving tools is now available to all Donorfy users. In summary:

  • track and manage your Facebook and Instagram donations and fundraisers in one place, in Donorfy

  • thank and encourage your fundraisers, and find out more about them and their support

  • capture fundraiser and donor information and their consents for contact

  • reclaim Gift Aid (UK, Donorfy Professional only)

  • view Facebook / Instagram donations among other forms of support as part of the 360-degree view

It is provided for no charge, and works in both the free Donorfy Essentials plan and the paid-for Donorfy Professional plan.


Facebook’s giving tools provide a huge opportunity to organisations who wish to enable people to donate for their favourite causes from within Facebook and Instagram. Once your organisation has verified with Facebook as a charity you can add Donate buttons to various locations including your page, your posts, users’ posts, live video and more. And you can encourage your followers to create fundraisers such as a Birthday Fundraiser - to enable their friends to give too.

Serious amounts of money are now being raised in this way. It’s free - no charges, no platform fees, not even any transaction fees - so it makes a lot of sense to enable it for your page.

However, information about the donations that have been made, and donors who made them, can only be obtained in the form of the Multi-day Transaction Report, which is not exactly easy to read. So we’ve made it possible to bring that into Donorfy.

What does it do, exactly?
  • Imports donations made in Facebook and Instagram, which you download - see Multi-day Transaction Report in your organisation’s Facebook Page | Settings | Donations area.

  • All donations are associated with either a donate button or a fundraiser. A fundraiser (a bit like a JustGiving fundraising page) is associated with a constituent, which the integration creates. Donations to a fundraiser (page) are soft-credited to the fundraiser (person).

  • Donations where the donor has ticked the Gift Aid box will be included in the standard Gift Aid claim (Professional plan only).

  • Most Facebook / Donorfy donors (~90%) wish to remain anonymous, and are therefore associated with a designated anonymous record in Donorfy.

    You have full control over the coding of the donations that are imported. Defaults can be set a system and page/button level.

For more information see:

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